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September 2021

Microservices Software Security Best Practices and Techniques

Microservices Software Security Best Practices

The application development industry saw a mass adoption of microservices. This lead to certain risks, but the security testing lagged behind and could not keep up with the pace of the microservices affectation to address the vulnerabilities it posed the developers. The engineers and architects have to solve the security issues of the microservices at the software development life cycle… Continue readingMicroservices Software Security Best Practices

Kubernetes Observability Best Practices

Kubernetes Observability Best Practices

The digital transformation is taking place at an accelerated pace. To keep up with it, companies across all sectors and industries have to master and ace innovation. Nothing serves this effort better than ditching the outdated and traditional on-premises data centers and switching to multi-cloud environments. However, organizations can benefit from unprecedented innovation by using Kubernetes as their primary application… Continue readingKubernetes Observability Best Practices

Cyber software and tools are essential for cyber security

Cyber Security Tools

The privacy of a business and individuals is crucial for efficient operations, and it is not possible without the employment of cyber software. For protecting your applications, systems, and network from cyber attacks and threats, effective cyber security tools are a necessity. They prevent identity theft as well as unauthorized data access, making your operations safe and sound. Cyber security… Continue readingCyber Security Tools