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Advantages Cloud Computing

The Advantages Cloud Computing are many for small and medium enterprise. First, cloud computing shifts the ownership and cost of support for hardware, software, licensing and maintenance of the technology platform. Second, through economy-of-scale the cloud provider is able to offer a better service than in most cases internally. Third, cloud computing is convenient and always available for expanding computing tasks. Further information available at Advantages of Cloud Computing.

The Advantages Cloud Computing

Cost Effective – Remove hardware and software investment (no CAPEX)
SLA – Service Level Agreements provide guaranteed up-time
Backup and Recovery – The first choice for backup solutions and DR
Quick Deployments – Ability to deploy applications and servers rapidly
Expandable Storage Capacities – Unlimited in storage and computational capacities
Enterprise Service Bus – Consolidate all applications into a centralized service delivery
Application Rationalization – Optimize the application portfolio of the enterprise
Choices – Large pool of cloud providers

At Cloud Computing Technologies, we help you to leverage all the advantages Cloud Computing. As your cloud partner, we help you to mitigate any security and privacy issues with your data and applications. When choosing Cloud Computing Technologies we ensure that you gain the advantages of cloud computing and avoid any pitfalls from remote computing.

One key advantage cloud computing is flexibility which is often overlooked. With the use of cloud computing, organizations experience flexibility in resource usage to make sudden or significant systems changes without capital expenditure. Flexibility from cloud computing is also an advantage to integration with external modular Enterprise Systems or Services to leverage preexisting capabilities for rapid development. Further, becoming agile to secure new business opportunities requires speed to market and agility not often possible with legacy Information Technology systems and hardware.

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