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Cloud Enabled “Work at Home” Workforce

Remote work telework solutions: Work culture has seen a paradigm shift in the recent past with the introduction of reliable and highly cost-effective cloud services. An increasing number of businesses are encouraging a cloud enabled remote workforce and bringing your own devices (BYOD).

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has made working remotely more of a necessity than an option. Lockdowns and social distancing have caused many offices to be deserted, but business continues as usual.
Are you wondering how this is possible?

It’s all thanks to world-class cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services. Let’s see what AWS has to offer.

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Setting up a “Remote Work Telework Solutions” platform

As a Public Sector Partner of AWS, Cloud Computing Technologies (CCT) recommends the following process for setting up AWS solutions, which is now easier than ever.

1. AWS Terraform Landing Zone (TLZ) Accelerator

Terraform Landing Zone (TLZ), commonly known as Terraform is an AWS accelerator. It helps customers to build secure AWS Landing Zones in the least possible time while following AWS best practices. Terraform automates provisioning of Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) and other solutions, providing secure infrastructure within an automated, self-service portal.
The main benefit of a landing zone is that it allows your organization’s users to set up their accounts while giving administrators overall control and monitoring capabilities. We’ll be looking at landing zones next. Terraform Landing Zones also extends to hundreds of other third-party providers such as cloud services. So you will be able to manage all your services through one provisioning portal.

2. AWS Landing Zones

We discussed Terraform as a solution for setting up AWS Landing Zones. They are secure, multi-account portals that enable customers to quickly set up workspaces for a cloud enabled remote workforce.
The ability for users to set up their working environments and accounts is essential, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic situation. Given all the possibilities and design options available on AWS, setting up the ideal environment for your users can be time-consuming. So AWS Landing Zones come in handy in such instances by automating the set up of your environment and setting up the core accounts and resources, while taking care of the initial security baseline. Identity and Access Management (IAM), data security, logging, and much more can be automated in this manner.
The best part about AWS Landing Zones is that they deploy AWS Account Vending Machine (AVM). These are portals for creating, provisioning, and automatically configuring new remote worker accounts based on a pre-defined security baseline. It allows customers to manage user accounts and Organizational Units (OU).
AWS Landing Zones also provides additional security features like centralized logging, AWS CloudTrail for auditing, and Cross-Account Access from security accounts to user accounts.

3. Ansible for AWS

Once you have your AWS Landing Zone(s) set up and configured, the next challenge is to create multiple server instances or workspaces for your users. Depending on the size of your organization, you may need to spin up hundreds or even thousands of virtual desktops.
Ansible’s deep support for AWS will allow you to manage all the AWS services that your users require. Whether it be virtual desktops or hundreds of server instances for their applications, Ansible playbooks will come to your rescue. Once you have described your Desktop-as-a-Service instances with Ansible, you can deploy thousands of instances with ease.
Ansible comes with close to a hundred modules for managing various AWS services and over a thousand additional modules for many operating systems and platforms. Monitoring comes built-in through Ansible Tower Cloud, and you will be able to monitor all your remote worker environments even if they were deployed outside Ansible.

AWS Solutions for Remote Work and Telework Solutions

If the ease of setting up your cloud environment for remote working hasn’t convinced you, here are the other major benefits of an AWS Cloud enabled “Work at Home” workforce:

1. Remote Collaboration

Communicating with your teams has never been easier. Amazon Chime is a one-stop solution for all your chat, screen sharing, call, meeting, and collaboration needs. It connects all your remote workers through a user-friendly app with support for all your devices.

2. Secure Content Collaboration

Amazon WorkDocs is a versatile tool for creating and managing documents and collaborating. WorkDocs allows you to easily migrate your legacy file-sharing systems and local files so that you can get started without a hassle.

3. Secure and Scalable Remote Network Access

AWS Client VPN allows your cloud enabled remote workforce to securely connect to their work resources irrespective of whether they are on AWS or on-premises. It supports VPC subnets, computer and mobile support, and various levels of authorization to ensure proper levels of authorization.

4. Virtually manage your Contact Center

Amazon Connect is a virtual platform for contact center agents. They will be able to connect from where ever they are and continue to accept and make calls as if they were seated in the office. Additional features include monitoring and training tools for supervisors and coaches.

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