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We have provided AWS ​Cloud Specialists to Fortune 500 leading corporations, small and medium business, and Federal agencies for over 10 years.
No matter where our organization is located, we will provide you with the AWS ​​Cloud Specialist you require for your cloud initiatives.
Our AWS ​Expert Cloud Specialist hold many certifications: Amazon Cloud AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate & Professional, ​AWS DevOps Developers
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AWS Certification Roadmap

AWS Certification Roadmap
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Transforming for Innovation, Sustainability and Security

CCT’s AWS Certified Solution Architect

AWS is a cloud ecosystem created by, the largest retail company in the world. AWS has been developed to offer the immense advantages of cloud technology to all kinds of organizations around the world. Renowned users of AWS include Coursera, SAP, Vodafone, NASA, and Reddit. Does this mean that AWS is limited to Fortune 500 companies only? Not at all! In fact, the value for money AWS provides to SMEs is second to none,

Benefits of AWS

AWS offers a variety of benefits that makes it stand out from other cloud platforms.

Global Presence

AWS network is spread in around 190 countries across the world and provides support to more than one million active clients. Both large-scale and small-scale companies rely on AWS to power their systems. Additionally, even government institutions have put their confidence in AWS’ reliability. Although there are several cloud platforms, AWS in on another level in terms of global recognition.


Protecting your organization from information leaks and limiting the risk of a cyber incident is of utmost importance to AWS. It adheres to security laws around the world and has strengthened its compliance so businesses can make the most out of cloud without worrying about the compliance headaches
Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and HealthCare.Gov are some of the credible names that rely on AWS, which shows how secured and trusted AWS has become in the last few years. Virtually and physically, AWS has designed a tremendously secure framework. Some of these security features include the following.
  • You can track multiple clients at once by monitoring their tasks through Identity and Access Management (IAM).
  • AWS server centers are equipped with an experience team 24/7 and access is provided cautiously through a least privilege premise.
  • Capacity to create built-in firewall rules for both public and private settings is provided, and a delicate balance is formed between them.
  • Due to the widespread distribution of availability zones, companies enjoy maximum flexibility when it comes to failure modes.

Cloud Computing requires in-depth consideration of the following to achieve desired outcomes:

  • IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and Hybrid
  • Compute, Storage, Database, CDN, Applications
  • Front End, Back End, Interconnectivity, Endpoints
  • Full Development Lifecycle
  • Java, .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Big Data
  • Windows, Unix, Linux, Solaris
  • Ports, Protocols, Middleware
  • Microservices Architecture
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Why Cloud Computing Technologies

Hiring and developing great talent is critical to maintaining technology edge.  As the demands of new and emerging technology increase as fundamental drivers for business success, filling critical technology positions with top candidates is becoming more challenging.  Rest assured that we provide the necessary support saving you effort and resources while providing pre-screened, dependable, qualified talent.

Agile teams looking to fill cloud certified related openings in their organization can benefit from our services.  Our nationwide talent reserves retain the candidates you seek with rare and necessary skill sets to fill your talent shortages.  Give our talent acquisition team a call so we can efficiently fill your open positions.

By choosing Cloud Computing Technologies for your AWS Certified Solution Architect, you gain an experience Amazon partner with qualified and talented candidates. We deliver certified AWS Certified Cloud Specialist talent for long-term, short-term, direct-hire, and contingency projects. Call us today to put a AWS Certified Cloud Specialist on your team.

If seeking to apply for a AWS Certified Cloud Specialist position, please submit your current resume and compensation requirements in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) to for immediate consideration.

AWS Certified Architects and Engineers are validated by Amazon

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a council of senior enterprise architects who vet the candidates for breadth and depth of cloud architecture. We then enhance each candidates’ knowledge and skills with the latest Cloud Design and Modeling tools. In addition, maintain an up-to-date repository of proven cloud architecture designs and models that only our candidates can access.
Our ​Cloud Architects have available to them custom in-house developed cloud architecture collaboration and workflow solution eliminating the need for our clients to purchase expensive and hard to manage cloud architecture software.
Our ​Cloud Architects sign non-disclosure agreements both with our company and yours for all project engagements.
If any of our ​Cloud Architect do not meet your standards, we will provide an alternative candidate at no cost to you.
AWS certified solution architect


Irrespective of whether this is your first foray into the cloud landscape or you are merely migrating from one cloud platform to other, AWS contains all the essential assets that you need to improve your IT network.
AWS’ model allows you to scale assets up and down, as per your organization’s current progress. In this way, your company doesn’t have to tackle any issue when necessities vary or when volume poses as a concern.
CCT’s certified experts can guide you in auto-scaling to develop a self-managed framework customized according to the exact needs, based on the assets/traffic utilized. Use Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) to create multiple clones in different areas for separate use cases – all of this takes a few minutes, eliminating the hassle of rehashing the set-up stages every time.

Unlimited Server Capacity

AWS can handle any IT-based need for your business. You don’t need to be concerned regarding service disruption while taking any digital transformation initiative. AWS’ unlimited server capacity is one of leading reasons behind its superiority in the cloud computing landscape. It’s responsible for powering and running thousands of SMEs and large corporations around the world.
In case you want a reliable storage medium, it’s a reliable option to store your data. For those small business-owners who are hesitant to move their data from their hard drives, it’s worth noting that 560,000 hard drives fail every month in the US. The reason behind these mishaps often turns out to be related to limited storage. Therefore, rather than risking storing your critical data on your hard drives, it’s better to get in touch with CCT and have your data migrated to AWS.

Storage and Backup

Amazon’s cloud storage is a valuable offering for organizations, especially due to its convenience and accessibility. You can use AWS to store business-sensitive data. You can consider having different types of storage to select from, providing businesses the flexibility to make decisions according to varying requirements. Use AWS for storage and file indexing, archiving for long period, leverage high-performance reading and writing, and run critical business systems.

Transforming for Innovation and Sustainability securing future COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE


Suppose you have designed a new mobile app. An event, such as an endorsement from a celebrity makes your app go viral. As a result, your fresh IT infrastructure is hit by countless server requests. Although, it’s a positive development, failing to manage these requests can put your business at risk and you will lose your advantage.
With traditional cloud tools, it takes time to upgrade your capacity to service users. With AWS offerings, such as AWS Lambda, your app can scale automatically. Whether you have 5 server requests or 5,000, AWS’ serverless computing is dependable enough to accommodate it without making any fuss.

AWS Expert in Architecture

CCT offers an experienced team of AWS experts. The AWS certifications validate their experience and proficiency to work in AWS environments. Our team comprises of individuals who have passed AWS certifications for AWS Cloud Practitioner, AWS Solutions Architect (Associate), AWS SysOps Administrator (Associate), AWS Developer (Associate), AWS DevOps Engineer (Professional), and AWS Solutions Architect (Professional).

These AWS certified experts are fully capable of using the AWS Cloud for resolving your issues and coming up with effective solutions.

Experience and Agile Expertise

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It’s clear why AWS is so popular. It offers a lightning-fast, robust, secure, and affordable solution that can cater to the needs of most of the businesses. Get in touch with us so CCT’s certified cloud solution architects can leverage AWS to provide a much-needed boost to your organization.
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