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Five Benefits of Network Security for Small Businesses

COVID-19 has seen a huge increase in cyber attacks all around the world. According to the WHO, there was a fivefold increase in the number of cyber attacks on its offices. Throughout the world, there was a 20% surge in cyber attacks in March. While the number of cyber attacks after that fell off quickly, there is still no excuse for complacency.

Throughout the last decade, cyber attacks around the world have increased. The number of cyber-attacks resulting in losses worth more than $1 million have increased five-fold in the last decade. Hence, small businesses need network security in Mesa more than ever today.

So here are 5 benefits of network security that small businesses can reap during COVID-19.

  1. Compliance With Government and Industry-Specific Regulations
    Network security is very important when dealing with industry and government-specific regulations. These regulations not only determine what security protocols you must have within your systems, but also which systems are obsolete. Not adhering to them can often cost companies in terms of fines, and even in terms of hacks from hacker groups. Following the industry and government regulations for network security can often help small businesses survive cyber-crime waves. Network security in Phoenix can help organizations register with organizations and industries to reap benefits as well. At times, these benefits can really help small businesses that don’t have the money to set up their own protocols. These benefits can come in the shape of free assistance or aid.
  2. Remote Work Possibilities
    This is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Having a network security team will help small businesses setup remote work protocols. This doesn’t just pertain to giving certain individuals access to the company’s servers. It also pertains to instituting secure protocols like 2-factor authentication, restricted access, etc. Network security is needed to help secure remote workstations, laptops, and smartphones so they can securely access company servers. Without this service, companies can be open to several attacks from hacker groups, rival organizations, etc.
  3. Encrypted Communication With Clients
    Network security in Scottsdale can help you with encrypting communication between you and your clients. This will ensure that any confidential information is impervious to hacks. Even if communication is intercepted, it will more than likely be useless without the decryption keys.
    The same goes for encrypting all the files that are exchanged between different departments within your business. Even if that data is stolen, it will remain safe from rival organizations or hackers because it’s encrypted. Technical support with communication can also help businesses improve their communications infrastructure.
  4. Reduced Fallout from Security Breaches
    As mentioned, the number of cyber attacks with more than a $1 million worth of losses has increased. However, with better network security in Tempe, you can avoid that fallout. With data recovery services and data backups, as well as encryption, your data can be safer.
  5. Reduced Recovery Time
    While having network security isn’t a guarantee that you won’t be infiltrated, your critical data will be well protected. Network security will help you prepare for quick data recovery for your most critical data. Hence, you will be able to protect that which is financially most important to your company. This could be client data as well as research data that you need to analyze to create new products or services.

These benefits can help any small business cut down on costs and save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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