Employees Working on Improving Security

How To Discover Security Vulnerabilities In Open Source Software

Open source software offers a magnitude of advantages for businesses and developers. Many enterprises depend on open-source software to improve the efficiency and delivery of their innovative product. Numerous agile development workflows and processes also benefit from reusable and per-built open source software. However, every software, open or not, has certain security defects or issues that might be used by… Continue readingHow To Discover Security Vulnerabilities In Open Source Software

Public clouds offer excellent features to most businesses

What is Cloud Migration and How Does it Work

Cloud migration has become a worldwide phenomenon now and very few businesses remain that will not adopt cloud migration at any point. It refers to moving all or some business operations to the cloud and utilizing cloud infrastructure for their operations moving forward. Of course, there are a myriad of reasons why cloud migration has become such a popular phenomenon.… Continue readingWhat is Cloud Migration and How Does it Work

Engineering Metrics Dashboards in LinearB

Customize Your Engineering Metrics Dashboards in LinearB

Custom engineering metrics dashboards in LinearB help organizations track the progress of their engineering teams and identify potential areas for improvement. By visualizing data from various sources, including project management tools, code repositories, and bug tracking systems, custom dashboards provide a comprehensive view of engineering team performance. Organizations can use custom dashboards to monitor KPIs such as velocity, cycle time,… Continue readingCustomize Your Engineering Metrics Dashboards in LinearB

How the Combat Cloud Is Set to Improving the Military Information Environment

Protecting the Information Environment Using Combat Cloud

As the world increasingly relies on digital information, the need to protect this environment has never been greater. This is even truer for the military, as they need to protect their strategies, logistical information, and more from the enemy at all costs. The U.S. military has long been a leader in developing and employing cutting-edge technology to maintain battlefield dominance,… Continue readingProtecting the Information Environment Using Combat Cloud

multi-region active architecture on AWS

AWS Multi-Region Use Cases

When creating and constructing services, dependability and resilience are crucial. REST APIs are frequently used in businesses to deploy IoT devices and keep them connected to Wi-Fi. A multi-region active architecture can be very useful and efficient. So, let’s learn about the advantages of a multi-region active architecture and how you can build it. Benefits of a Multi-region Active AWS… Continue readingAWS Multi-Region Use Cases

GitOps Best Practices

GitOps Best Practices

It is particularly difficult to see clearly between the DevOps phenomenon and the GitOps method. This article aims to clear all this confusion and leave you with an opinion on the subject and preference for the best-suited GitOps approach. GitOps is a workflow that optimizes, streamlines, and secures releases using a VCS (a version management system). This article will discuss… Continue readingGitOps Best Practices

Semiconductor Manufacturing Improves With MES

AWS Manufacturing Execution System In Semiconductor Manufacturing

The world of semiconductor manufacturing continues to evolve as their demand grows 13.7% year on year. The complexity of these micro products is also increasing, along with the need for data storage, analysis, and process improvements. During these times, AWS stands tall as the leading cloud solutions provider for semiconductor manufacturers across the globe. Its manufacturing execution system or the… Continue readingAWS Manufacturing Execution System In Semiconductor Manufacturing

Scrum Master Managing the Tasks

What is a Scrum Master?

While it may sound like something out of a fantasy game, the scrum master is a crucial agile project management role that requires expert leadership skills. The scrum master ensures the entire scrum process goes smoothly throughout the project. Scrum is a framework that implements agile processes in multiple projects, including software development. Scrum master utilizes this framework to manage… Continue readingWhat is a Scrum Master?

Invest in Cloud Technology

How to Invest in Cloud Technology

If you’ve been studying stock trends over the past several years, you will have noticed that cloud stocks are doing incredibly well. Many organizations have realized this and have begun to migrate their technological needs to the cloud platform, which is giving rise to numerous industries in the modern age. Many stock experts have made it clear that multibagger stocks… Continue readingHow to Invest in Cloud Technology

Service Control Policies for Working on AWS

Service Control Policies for Working on AWS

Amazon Web Services is a leading pay-as-you-go cloud computing platform that provides software assistance, API services, and processing capacities to startups, corporates, and entrepreneurs. Its blanket infrastructure provides users access to purpose-built databases, unlimited storage, and computing. The platform has taken things further with artificial intelligence and machine learning and has met almost a hundred security standards. Its cost-effective, comprehensive,… Continue readingService Control Policies for Working on AWS