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Event Driven Architecture

How to Leverage Event-Driven Architecture for Microservices with AWS

A decoupled Service-Oriented Architecture is the blueprint for a microservices architecture. So microservices applications are designed and developed as a collection of loosely coupled services with private databases each per service. But then you may use different SQL or NoSQL databases for each service as per the kind of data you store and process within each service. That means you… Continue readingHow to Leverage Event-Driven Architecture for Microservices with AWS

Save Cloud Spend

How does Kubernetes Save Cloud Spend?

Containerization of software applications is a major disruption of the decade in the IT industry. Software containers could automate deployment and management of multiple distributed applications across multiple physical and/ or virtual machines including the cloud space. In the meantime, the birth of Kubernetes could shift the developers’ focus and effort from managing machines to managing applications. Container Orchestration with… Continue readingHow does Kubernetes Save Cloud Spend?

Enterprise Microservice Architecture

How to unify under a Single Enterprise Microservices Architecture

Identify Logical Components In any IT system, three main components deal with information and data. Data objects represent logical constructs that show the data in use. Data actions refer to those commands which apply to multiple data objects to execute a task. The job to perform is the function that users want to fulfill as part of their organizational role.… Continue readingHow to unify under a Single Enterprise Microservices Architecture

secure cloud connectivity for embedded systems

The Best Way to Secure Cloud Connectivity for Embedded Systems

Devices that connect to the internet are growing each year exponentially. Arm predicts that by 2035 an astounding one trillion embedded systems will be connected to the internet. Security is paramount, and experts need to find the best ways to securely connect embedded devices to the cloud. This presents a major challenge to both developers and manufacturers. They already faced… Continue readingThe Best Way to Secure Cloud Connectivity for Embedded Systems

CNCF Kubernetes

The Benefits of Using CNCF Kubernetes

The State of Kubernetes 2020 report by VMware tables that Kubernetes technology is still at its teenage days for enterprise adoption although, Kubernetes has passed the five-year mark since Google transferred Kubernetes as an open-source project under CNCF. The study conducted among 247 enterprises representing education, manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services (with over 1000 employees) say that only 40% among… Continue readingThe Benefits of Using CNCF Kubernetes

zero trust cloud security image

How Zero-Trust Prevents Unauthorized Access

What Is Zero-Trust Approach Zero trust has proven to be ideal for enterprise-wide security since business operations now encompass cross-functional teams spread over a large geographic region. Therefore, enterprises have to give due regard to protecting data, applications and IT assets spread far and wide. Zero-trust security provides the means for fulfilling such stringent requirements. Zero trust does not assume… Continue readingHow Zero-Trust Prevents Unauthorized Access

microservice architecture best practices

Microservice Architecture Best Practices and Patterns

Database per Microservice After organizations switch from monolithic systems to smaller microservices, they still choose to go along with a big central database. Although this method provides advantages in the short term, it will prove to be problematic in the long term. That’s because microservices have a close relation with the database layer. Thus, the purpose of creating microservices will… Continue readingMicroservice Architecture Best Practices and Patterns

Service Cloud

What Is Salesforce Service Cloud

When you sign up for Salesforce, you can choose between service cloud and sales cloud. If you’re primarily interested in selling products and/or services, service cloud is more suited to you. Sales cloud, on the other hand, is more suited for organizations focused on opportunities, leads, and sales. Yet, a significant overlap exists between the two salesforce modules. In guide… Continue readingWhat Is Salesforce Service Cloud

CloudEndure Embedded Cloud Security Approach

CloudEndure Embedded Cloud Security Approach

IT infrastructure disasters, such as server corruption and data center failures, can disrupt business functions. The loss of data can negatively impact a company’s bottom line. Needless to say, loss of customer data can damage the reputation of the company. According to a study of US marketers, consumers, IT personnel, and CMOs, a breach resulting in data loss can cause… Continue readingCloudEndure Embedded Cloud Security Approach

Outsourced Computer Support Services

Is Outsourced Computer Support Services Better

One major decision that businesses of all stripes must make is whether they should opt for in-house or outsourced computer support services. To avail the best computer support service in Scottsdale, Arizona, you have to weigh the pros and cons of outsourcing vs in-house service. Here is what you need to consider. Can You Afford In-House IT Support? In-house computer… Continue readingIs Outsourced Computer Support Services Better