Federal Health IT Cloud

Federal Health IT Cloud Services Provider

Cloud Computing Technologies, a Federal Health IT Cloud Services Provider (CSP) provides Health IT oriented Cloud Computing Services to comply with regulatory requirements and cost efficiency. In recent years, Cloud based Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems minimize the upfront investment to IT infrastructure in a secure platform appealing to physicians and practice managers. In addition, Cloud based billing and collections… Continue readingFederal Health IT Cloud Services Provider

Cloud Generated Innovation

Innovative Capabilities of Cloud Computing

Innovative Capabilities of Cloud Computing originate from a ready-made global compute and storage infrastructure platform with a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to distributed applications and services. The cloud computing platform is ready-made in the fact that cloud service providers (CSP) have invested billions of dollars into their cloud infrastructure to be rented by small business. Further information available at Innovative Capabilities… Continue readingInnovative Capabilities of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Transformation

Cloud Computing Transformation Consulting Services

Cloud Computing Transformation Consulting Services are of strategic importance when an organization is faced with reduction in market share, appeal to Cloud Computing Technologies that have inherent revenue generating and cost cutting capabilities. Business leaders faced with significant disruptive technology in their industry recognize the value in implementing cloud innovation technology as a vision for a more competitive business objective… Continue readingCloud Computing Transformation Consulting Services

Cloud Services Phoenix

Cloud Services Phoenix

 Cloud Services Phoenix combines the functions of integrator, aggregator, and solution developer to maximize value and utility of cloud infrastructure for Small and Medium Business in Phoenix Arizona. The initial consultation includes a review of existing architecture for cloud optimization including redundant Internet connections for business continuity and recovery, data protection, secure access, performance, best value, and quality service. Compelling… Continue readingCloud Services Phoenix

Enterprise Cloud Systems

Enterprise Cloud Systems Integration Services

Enterprise Cloud Systems Integration Services provided by Cloud Computing Technologies bridge the gap between remote clouds and on-premises private clouds. As company use of cloud computing grows, a multi-cloud vendor approach using best-of-breed cloud services is very attractive. Not all enterprise cloud systems are easily integrated. In dealing with a multi-vendor cloud environment, you can easily end up with several… Continue readingEnterprise Cloud Systems Integration Services

Govcloud Services

GovCloud Services

Cloud Computing Technologies, a GovCloud Services Contractor (GovCloud) delivers cloud computing based services and solutions to Federal agencies. We offer turn-key cloud services and solutions including all software, services and bandwidth at one low monthly charge through our AWS partner. Federal agencies benefit from these cloud based services as they are advantageous in cost, scalability, and performance. Further information available… Continue readingGovCloud Services

Govcloud Services

SDVOSB GovCLOUD Contractor

SDVOSB GovCLOUD Contractor, Cloud Computing Technologies, a Vets First Verified company, provides SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), and ITaaS (Information Technology as a Service) to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and facilities. With our partner Amazon AWS, we meet the future needs of the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs… Continue readingSDVOSB GovCLOUD Contractor

Advantages Of Cloud Computing

Advantages Cloud Computing

The Advantages Cloud Computing are many for small and medium enterprise. First, cloud computing shifts the ownership and cost of support for hardware, software, licensing and maintenance of the technology platform. Second, through economy-of-scale the cloud provider is able to offer a better service than in most cases internally. Third, cloud computing is convenient and always available for expanding computing… Continue readingAdvantages Cloud Computing

Cloud Innovation

Transformational Capability of Cloud Computing

The Transformational Capability of Cloud Computing provides business leaders with new revenue streams, faster time to market, and innovative approaches to resolve business problems. Cloud Computing removes the traditional boundaries of Information Technology and is the perfect platform for revolutionary business approaches to new create and deliver value to stakeholders. Further information available at Transformational Capability of Cloud Computing. To… Continue readingTransformational Capability of Cloud Computing