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Securing data through a backup

Computing Comparison of the Best – AWS, Azure, and GCP

Cloud Wars are in full flow currently, and organizations are competing with each other to get the best shares within the market. The market for the cloud is full of different opportunities and is open for marketers to cash and get the full benefit. The dynamics of the cloud have shaped as such that providers that give customers a blend… Continue readingComputing Comparison of the Best – AWS, Azure, and GCP

Security Containers in DeSecOps pipelines

Container security was named by Gartner as one of the main concerns for the current year, which is why it is time for organizations to look at different ways to improve it now. There is a need to have a solid plan for security implementation, especially as more businesses look towards containers for storing data. Even though containers aren’t new… Continue readingSecurity Containers in DeSecOps pipelines

Lack Of Computer Parts

Will Lack Of Computer Parts Drive Cloud Adoption

How does the lack of computer parts impact cloud adoption? Cloud adoption in organizations across the world is at an all-time high, and the pandemic only fueled this phenomenon further. Cloud adoption has been integral in promoting remote work internationally and even though the urgencies of the pandemic are nowhere near as terrifying as they used to be, both employers… Continue readingWill Lack Of Computer Parts Drive Cloud Adoption

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Lessons We Can Learn From Machine Learning

The field of machine learning has existed for several years now. Deep learning has made the concept more widespread and removed it from the realm of academic circles and studies. Deep learning is a model of the neural network in our brain that simulates their remarkable capacity to learn and generalize knowledge. This idea lies beneath the intricate mathematics of… Continue readingLessons We Can Learn From Machine Learning

Zero Trust Security Being Implemented

Zero Trust Security Contractor

Cloud technologies, digital transformation, and the shift to remote work have led to numerous cybersecurity challenges for businesses around the globe. The urgency to respond and defend against security threats has become more integral than ever before. President Biden signed an executive order urging federal agencies to take necessary steps to improve security to protect crucial infrastructures to enhance cybersecurity… Continue readingZero Trust Security Contractor

How you can take advantage of Kubernetes for IoT

Leveraging Kubernetes for IoT

Continual change is driven in the cloud landscape by the need to constantly search for newer ways to improve productivity and efficiency. In the past decade, organizations have stepped away from launching their own on-premise data centers, as they have favored cloud infrastructure. Nowadays, the cloud computing world is transforming rapidly, mainly due to the emergence of the Internet of… Continue readingLeveraging Kubernetes for IoT

AWS cloud technologies

Most Impactful Key Emerging AWS Cloud Technologies

You may frequently hear words like graph databases, metaverse, data fabric, and emerging technologies. These concepts and practices are well-hyped and significantly take the world by storm for all the right reasons. Today, you can also be the first-liner to experience the rise in popularity and demand for AWS services. But delving deep, understanding each service, and evaluating which ones… Continue readingMost Impactful Key Emerging AWS Cloud Technologies

patterns for sharing data on the cloud

Patterns for Sharing Data on the Cloud

In the modern world, cloud computing has become prevalent. It is a server that you can access from anywhere with the help of the internet. Today, cloud technology has become an integral part of countless businesses and enterprises. One of the greatest advantages of the cloud is that it eradicates the need to manage physical servers. But that’s still not… Continue readingPatterns for Sharing Data on the Cloud

Amazon AWS Macie Design and Implementation Services

Amazon AWS Macie Design and Implementation Service

Amazon AWS Macie Design and Implementation Service helps you securely store, analyze, and visualize your data in the cloud. It provides a cost-effective way to get started with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Macie is a managed service that automatically protects, classifies, and discovers sensitive data by leveraging machine learning algorithms. With Macie, you can centrally monitor and manage data security… Continue readingAmazon AWS Macie Design and Implementation Service