Cloud AI Managed Water Storage and Distribution Systems and Hydroelectric

Cloud AI Managed Water Storage and Distribution Systems

With the increase in consumer expectations, climate change, and changes in regulatory policies, water storage, and distribution systems are bound to evolve. 3.6 billion people currently suffer scarcity of water for at least a period of one month each year. Six billion people across the globe are estimated to face a scarcity of clean water by the year 2050. These UN studies put us in an alarming situation, and something has to be done soon about the problems pertaining to water.

The challenges that water storage and water distribution systems across the regions of the world face today are being battled with by the cloud, AI, and IoT. Water utilities are becoming all about leveraging these technologies for efficient water management and digitization of operations. Cloud technology, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things are not limited in their offerings with respect to different stages within the water cycle and provide benefits for the systems throughout their processes.

Role of Cloud AI in Water Storage and Distribution Systems

Cloud AI plays a significant role in developing integrated systems for water management. It protects different clean water bodies from contamination, makes different wastewater treatment processes and systems easier to perform and implement, and makes water distribution and water storage endeavors more efficient. There is a critical and urgent need for the existing and outdated infrastructure to be upgraded so that water utilities can ensure operations cater to the requirements of their customers and improve the resilience of the processes they undertake. Similarly, the protection of different water resources is also of utmost importance to allow for self-sufficiency in various regions to prevail.
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Water storage and distribution systems around the world are increasingly using different hardware equipment, such as sensors and smart meters, etc., associated with the Internet of Things. Such hardware equips water utilities with significant amounts of useful data that can be used to improve various water management systems and processes, provided it is properly processed and analyzed. This is where the cloud comes in, along with AI. For instance, Meter Data Management (MDM) platforms are products of cloud technology that collect data from millions of smart meters deployed at different localities and store and process it as per the water utilities’ specific requirements. The cloud automates these processes while Artificial Intelligence, in turn, continually improves them.
Water utilities gain access to a horizontal platform through MDM software that allows them to integrate several applications with common data resources. This provides water management services to carry out their field service operations, asset management, and billing processes with much more ease and efficiency. Not just that, cloud technology and AI also help water storage, distribution, and management services and businesses to significantly reduce their operational costs.
The Covid-19 pandemic is an example of how the ability of water utilities across the globe to deliver crucial services to their consumers can get hindered at any time. Water bodies getting contaminated, environmental pollution, deforestation, climate change, rapidly limiting resources, and increasing population are all challenges that are urgently calling water distribution, storage, and management companies to strengthen their supply chains and make them more resilient to future disruptions. The only way to do that is by leveraging the cloud technology and the tools and resources it offers so that water management and other related operations can be optimized and automated beyond meter-to-cash and smart metering applications.

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Cloud AI Managed Water Storage and Distribution Systems for Tomorrows Needs

Cloud AI offers water utilities the opportunity to design and implement efficient water storage and distribution systems that take into account a holistic vision of their business objectives for devising long-term strategies. Cloud and artificial intelligence, along with IoT, has the potential to serve as the central platform and system for recording and controlling all the tangible as well as intangible assets of water utilities. Efficient technology service providers, like Cloud Computing Technologies that are specialized and experienced in water management as well as government-level projects, can help water utility businesses and companies swiftly solve all the challenges they face and enhance their productivity and profitability.

Cloud Computing Technologies can equip water utility services of all sizes and operate in any region across the globe with modern and highly advanced IT infrastructure and incorporate their systems with AI and cloud technology to ensure their customers are continually provided with critical water services. CCT can enable you to grow your business exponentially by migrating to the cloud and stretching the maximum water storage and water distribution limit your company can currently manage. Through efficient real-time data collection and processing from various different sources, your business can become able to transform it into actionable operational insights and make well-informed decisions.

The evolution of Artificial Intelligence over the last few years has enabled the technology to substantially improve analysis and efficiently obtain measurable performance results. Combined with cloud technology, water utilities are offered highly flexible and scalable operation management and affective computing, and efficient networking architectures. Cloud AI applications and systems are not limited to water management operations but can serve water utilities with various other systems, such as inventory management, Customer Relationship Management or CRM, and Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP, etc., as well. Such systems diminish the chances of human error and greatly improve the efficiencies of different processes and procedures.

In conclusion, Cloud AI Managed Water Storage and Distribution Systems can transform water storage and distribution systems in a highly efficient manner by digitizing water utilities’ processes and systems. Day-to-day water management operations, as well as long-term resilience of water utilities, are things that the AI and cloud technology masters at. Developing water and sanitization systems that are decentralized and designing water microgrids are processes that the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence make extremely easy. They can provide your services with the utility they need for increased operational productivity. To equip your business with cloud solutions to fend off all kinds of short-term as well as long-term challenges and ultra-modern water distribution and water storage infrastructure and systems, get in touch with CCT today.

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