Cloud Based EV Charging Station Management Solutions

Cloud Based EV Charging Station Management Solutions

There has been a surge in the sales of electric vehicles in the last few years. EV charging stations are getting networked, meaning they are leveraging the power and connectivity of the internet or other different communication networks to provide better services. But still, most of the EV charging station management systems are local. An EV charging system consisting of ultra-fast, fast, and slow chargers and an EV Cloud Platform can scale up the EV infrastructure and help in remote management of the charging points. Several functionalities, such as the remote resolution of incidents, access to chargers, price setting, and analyzing and monitoring the usage of chargers, can be attained easily in a cloud EV charging station.

EV charging stations that are cloud-based have enhanced operational efficiency and enjoy lower operational costs. Two major cloud solutions for the sector are mass scalability and high potential customization. These components of the cloud enable small-scale operators to connect to and use the same IT platform to improve the user experience for electric vehicles charging. This way, they would not require making big investments in procuring IT equipment and infrastructure and implementing and maintaining IT systems.
The coming years are expected to witness rapid accelerations in the EV market. This will require agile, flexible, and exponential management solutions for EV charging station management so that a vast number of transactions can be processed and their data can be analyzed. There is also a need to be able to scale up EV charging stations faster and create wide charging networks. Looking at the technology we have managed to obtain up until now, there are no better ways to achieve all this than with the help of the cloud. Cloud solutions have advanced and quick reporting features that combine with gathering and provision of insights to handle the above-mentioned requirements along with many others. In this article, we will discuss the potential of the cloud for EV charging station management. But first, let us explore the limitations of the existing charging infrastructure.

Limitations of the Current EV Charging Infrastructure

The existing charging infrastructure for electric cars is not only disjointed but lacks user-friendliness as well. It is highly complicated and inefficient for both station owners as well as consumers. It is high time that we change this bitter reality, or it could inhibit and mitigate the sales of electric vehicles. The brand-specific smartphone apps, most of which are poor and low-quality, make the work of getting your EV charged a mountainous endeavor. Ironically though, the potential of electricity as fuel is much more than fossil fuels.
Most of the energy management systems have been locally installed and have singular control switches that are connected with all the charging points. If you have to increase or decrease the charging power, all the charging points will have the same effect. There is no consideration of vehicle data, grid, or energy analysis. The advanced charging systems that utilize the cloud for their operations are incorporated with the power of AI. They can leverage insights and data through smart optimization tools to design efficient patterns for charging and predict future events.
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With management systems and infrastructure installed locally, EV charging stations have poor decision-making capabilities. The systems that are installed on their hardware lack the ability to flex according to the different situations that might occur. This is the reason why many chargers have separate controllers installed next to them. The control switches are not modestly priced and come for $150 or above. These switches have a maximum capacity of entertaining just five or six charging stations. The only benefits that local EV charging stations enjoy are that they do not require a connection to the internet, and they are not affected by the downtime of the internet. The charger and the local controller can exchange data between them at a fast rate, although the calculation time of a local EV charging station is slower than a cloud-based one.

What is Cloud EV Charging

When electric vehicles are connected to charging devices through data sharing and those devices are connected with charging operators, the system becomes an intelligent or a smart one. The cloud is the primary platform for all the systems and equipment in a cloud EV charging process. This is as opposed to the conventional EV charging systems that have nothing to do with the cloud. A cloud EV charging station enables its owner to manage and monitor all the functionalities of the station. They can restrict or expand the use of their devices from remote locations and can optimize the consumption volume of energy.
The owners can modify their intelligent EV services and customize the system and processes according to their demands, needs, and requirements. The limit of the potential of the cloud solutions in this sphere is the sky, as a high number of features can be added or removed easily. The existing EV charging stations can also be incorporated with different features if they are connected with the cloud., making them future-proof.
The EV technology is new and modern, which means that it will experience a journey of evolution, and a huge number of changes catering to the demands and expectations will soon be a part of it. These expectations and demands can be transformed into new features with the help of the cloud. A power grid that is equipped with smart charging solutions develops a symbiosis with the electric vehicles that connect to it to provide effective and value-adding management solutions.

How Cloud EV Charging Stations Work

The backend solution that powers a cloud EV charging station provides real-time data and information that it extracts and collects from the charging events and devices it caters to. The cloud EV charging station owner has this data and analytics at their fingertips as they are stored on their cloud. The cloud has the ability to perform several different evaluation processes on the collected data to offer the owner of the station valuable information.

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The EV charging station management becomes easier and efficient as it can be performed through several signals, like electrical devices that are being utilized on the premise that is in close proximity, the number of vehicles going through the charging process, local consumption of electricity, or fickle production of energy. If an EV charging system is not intelligent, it will not be able to utilize renewable energy sources or create and run processes that are sustainable.
When the drivers of electric vehicles are looking to access a smart charging station, they first have to identify themselves. As soon as they do, they are connected to the charging event, as well as the charging point. This creates a smart network that charges the right consumer with the right price that gets redirected to the right cloud EV charging station owner. This whole process is completely autonomous, justifying its ‘smartness.’ The identification process is super simple and agile, performed through a mobile application that only requires a login from the customer. The process can also be initiated by showing the RFID tag to the charger or paying through a debit or credit card if the customer is not registered.
The basic settings, such as the pricing and other components of the charging event, are preset by the station owner. Several station owners can form a station group through their connections with the cloud to benefit from a wide range of features that are smart and take place in the background. The utility and ease that EV charging stations that are cloud-based offer the end-customers is unparalleled as they only have to present identification before plugging in.

The Benefits of a Cloud EV Charging Station

Thanks to roaming networks, the owners of electric vehicles do not face the difficulties they encounter while charging their cars from traditional charging stations, in charging their cars through cloud based EV charging stations. For this reason, the number of stations that employ cloud solutions for managing their businesses is increasing at a rapid rate. Through the cloud, the consumers are able to use a single account for all charging stations and different platforms.
The list of the offerings of a cloud EV charging station is a massive one. The cloud improves the station’s efficiency, makes processes and systems smooth, and paves the way for better and easier EV charging station management. We can safely say that cloud-based management solutions for EV charging stations are not only beneficial but crucial for the energy market. The benefits that the cloud offers in this regard are not just limited to cloud EV charging station owners but extend to EV drivers and charging network operators as well.

Cloud Computing Technologies is an industry-leading cloud services provider that has a rich portfolio of successfully completing several government-level projects and contracts. The cloud service provider can equip your EV charging station business with efficient management software that leverages open standard protocols, such as OCPP. The provider also offers 24/7 customer support and complete flexibility for your business operations that will ensure optimum uptime and a consistent experience for EV owners. The vendor has a team of specialized, experienced, and expert personnel that analyze and evaluate your specific and unique business needs before formulating a cloud strategy that fulfills the basic as well as the complex needs of your charging station.

Benefits to EV Owners

Cloud solutions render the station an EV driver charges their vehicle from ineffective. The conventional EV charging stations do not do this as the brand that you use for getting your EV charged matters and dictates the process you have to follow prior to charging. With cloud-based charging, you not only find and locate the charging points for your electric vehicles through a simple mobile app but can reserve your charging spot as well while you are on the go. You can check the price, the charging power, the availability of charging points, other customers’ charging experiences, and other useful and important data in real-time.
Faster Charging
A charging device that is incorporated with cloud technology automatically uses the maximum energy that is at its disposal. Most smart devices charge with a power of 22 kW, while some of them reach the 150 kW mark. When the EV drivers have fast charging available to them that can save their time, they will tend to opt for it instead of slow chargers, equipping the owners of cloud solutions-integrated charging station owners with a competitive edge.
Safer Charging
Cloud-based EV charging continuously monitors all charging events and automatically tests the connection of the charging device with each of the vehicles that connect to it. If it finds the connection to be unsafe, it will notify the owner as well as the EV driver of the risk. As it can be remotely controlled, the result of the testing is actionable, making the whole charging endeavor much safer.
Automated and Efficient Billing
A vital feature of a cloud EV charging station is its ability to trace back the energy consumption data to the right person. Neither the EV owners nor the station owners need to worry about payments as the billing is carried out autonomously as per the set station prices. The identification process before the charging process starts serves the purpose of automated billing.

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Cost Saving and Environmental Safety
You can actively plan and schedule your EV charging events for when the electricity costs are at their lowest. Charging during low electricity consumption hours saves money and helps balance the grid as well. This provides the charging systems a sustainability edge for the future as the number of electric vehicles is rapidly increasing.

Benefits to Cloud EV Charging Station Owners

The individuals who own or run EV charging stations as a business gain a lot from cloud based technology for charging station management solutions as well. It is the most sensible way to go about such a business as it renders it completely future-proof.
Remote Management
Today’s business world is full of remote monitoring and remote control opportunities. However, these features are possible for EV charging station management only through cloud solutions. Cloud EV charging station business owners can enjoy complete access to a smart management system that enables them to not only keep an eye on but control and manage all the charging events taking place at their station remotely. They can view usage analytics, data, and statistics and report issues from virtually anywhere.
If a business owner has multiple EV charging stations, they all will be connected to the charging platform. This means that they all will be in connection with each other as well. This grouping allows the owner to manage all the stations in a stack. You can conveniently limit the charging power of all your stations and can edit information or pricing packages of each of them with a single command.
Furthermore, you get access to different secondary resources and tools as well that aid and support you in creating familiarity with the statistics and yielded information about your cloud EV charging station. You can also manage your customers’ information, such as their tags and registrations. The gist of it all is that you do not ‘need’ to actively participate in the EV charging station management, but you always have an opportunity to be proactive with it.
Easy Billing
Cloud solutions offer cloud EV charging station owners smooth and simple billing methodologies that require them not to do anything. The customers make payments directly through their payment cards or their accounts with your charging network. Whatever the prices you set, the EV drivers will be charged according to it.
Electricity Consumption Control
Cloud solutions for electric vehicles charging stations allow you to control all your charging events. This means that you do not have to worry about paying huge electricity bills or exceeding the maximum capacity of your local grid. By connecting your stations together through the cloud, you will not need to grow the electrical connection which saves you considerable amounts of money. If the maximum charging power you set for the group exceeds, the power for charging at all the stations that are a part of the group will drop down to adjust it.
Peace of Mind
All the above-mentioned benefits for cloud EV charging station owners combine to add another advantage to the list, i.e., they enable you to focus on value-adding operations and activities to enhance your business. Once you install your station and connect it to the cloud, EV charging station management is done automatically and autonomously, requiring nothing but a little monitoring from you. Even that is only if you wish to keep up with the figures and statistics of your business.

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Benefits to EV Charging Networks

Utility companies that are looking to or are running their own EV charging networks can benefit from cloud management solutions as well. It is important to understand that smart solutions are a necessity and not a bonus if you are looking to own and run a business that can sustain the test of time. Charging networks have to serve multiple EV charging stations, and they cannot do that unless they opt for cloud solutions.
Grid Stability
New business opportunities are presented to charging networks by equipping them with the ability to control and manage charging as per different signals pertaining to the consumption and production of energy. For instance, charging network managers can automatically set the charging to start when the demand for electricity is low. Similarly, you can control all the charging events through several different signals. EV charging networks should provide EV drivers with different energy management features to allow them to voluntarily participate in demand-response.
Keep up With the Transformation
The rapid pace of transformation and acceleration in the sector of mobility requires energy businesses to keep up with it in order to survive. The future needs cannot be predicted to the full extent; therefore, there is a need for flexibility and room for adoption and adaptation. EV charging networks can equip themselves with this ability through cloud solutions that render them changeable and adaptable. You can develop, expand, modify, enhance, and update a cloud EV charging network on the go with extreme ease. Furthermore, whenever you present a new smart solution to your business, it will be fully up to date.
Management of Multiple EV Charging Stations
When you take on a business of EV charging network operations, you are expected to manage multiple EV charging stations at once. For this purpose, you can create groups of different devices, packages, and pricing models to cater to different customers. The management of station groups through the cloud is super easy and effortless with the help of cloud management solutions and tools.
Up-to-Date Information About the Business
Each and every activity or event that takes place at any cloud EV charging station you provide to is visible to you in the management system. All this information is accumulated into a single-point database that you can conveniently view at any time. You can focus on each of the stations separately or follow or analyze statistics and key metrics of all of them in a group.

The Elements of Cloud EV Charging Station Management

EV Charging Point Devices

Smart charging devices are equipped with several features and components that make them ‘smart.’ You can use any charging device to charge any EV, but not all of them offer intelligent charging. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that a charging device has the following characteristics before you opt for one:
  • Your charging devices should have the option of connecting to a 3G or GPRS connection so that they can communicate with the service and connect to the cloud.
  • In the case of a fast-charging device, the device should be incorporated with a standardized type of socket to be able to cater to different types of electric vehicles.
  • Make sure that the devices are compatible with the backend that you want them to connect to. It is best if you go for an open charge point protocol that enables you to connect your device to several different features of several different hardware and software to develop a comprehensive and customized charging experience.

Cloud EV Charging Features

From automatic payments and billing to offering customers a choice on how they wish to pay, cloud solutions make EV charging station management easy for you and utility-providing for your end-customers. Both you and your customers are free of the need to make or receive manual payments. Similarly, cloud management solutions offer you and your customers smartphone and web applications that take your as well as your customers’ experiences and journeys to new, unprecedented heights.

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Electric vehicles drivers can easily locate and reserve charging spots on their smart devices. Furthermore, the EV drivers can review their charging history and add favorite charging stations to these apps. When devices are connected to roaming, a set of amazing features get available to the users, enhancing their experiences. The customers can use cards and third-party applications through roaming, while cloud EV charging station owners can increase their revenue by attracting more customers.
Cloud enables electric vehicles to support the electricity system. In order to connect electric cars to the grid, the features of energy management are a necessity. Cloud solutions enhance the advantages that come out of the symbiosis of the energy system and electric vehicles. Additionally, the ability of the cloud to enhance management solutions to a level that allows them to distribute the load that is available between different cars that are being simultaneously charged is vital to the sustainability of EV charging station businesses. The local grid is automatically and autonomously protected from peak loads with the help of the cloud, and business owners do not have to go through the hassle of updating or upgrading the energy infrastructure of their facility.

How CCT Can Help Lift Your EV Charging Station Management

Cloud Computing Technologies’ algorithms and AI capabilities can provide you with an EV charging cloud environment that is highly agile, efficient, productive, and cost and time-efficient. By getting access to the cloud resources and mobile cloud solutions we offer, you can enhance your own experience, as well as your clients’ and customers’ journeys, by rendering them more fruitful and swift. To acquire these benefits and make your EV charging station management equipped with real-time charging events trackers, contact CCT today. We will evaluate and analyze your specific and unique needs to craft a tailor-made strategy for all your business needs.

Our fast and cost-effective cloud platform enables EV charging ecosystems to exponentially and efficiently launch and grow. Regardless of if an EV charging station is your primary business or service to add value, our best-in-class and advanced services can make it present as well as future-proof. We equip our clients with the ability to create a positive impact on the planet as well as on their business productivity.
With our help, you can enjoy maximum benefits with minimum effort by reaching your optimal potential. We are a global market leader when it comes to energy management solutions. Our cutting-edge technologies and solutions, combined with excellent customer support, can give your business a definite edge over your competitors. We improve and enhance the experiences of your customers and reduce your operating costs substantially while improving the efficiency of your business activities.
CCT offers cloud based IT solution systems that enhance the environmental, social, and economic value of your business. With speedy calculations, advanced optimization methods and algorithms, big data storage, inter-connectivity, constant monitoring, frequent updates and maintenance, and cost efficiency that we offer, your business is sure to reach unprecedented heights.

Final Thoughts for Cloud Based EV Charging Station Management Solutions

The energy sector and EV charging business are competitive and to ensure that customers keep coming back and grow your revenues, adopting updated technology is essential. Cloud technology that automates and simplifies the capturing of charging events’ data and analytics to transmit and store them into the systems of the station for evaluation is crucial for continuous growth and sustainability of the business as well as maintaining a competitive edge in the market. To enhance the productivity of operations and improve the bottom line, EV charging stations need to reduce their inefficiencies and reduce costs.
The list of the benefits that a cloud offers to EV charging station management systems is a massive one and cannot be curtailed into a single article. All management solutions of EV charging stations need to act quickly to stay ahead of the tough EV charging market competition by converting into cloud solutions. Non-cloud and inefficient processes result in the customers being left unsatisfied and the costs being much higher than they have to. Not only that, but non-cloud systems are cumbersome and expensive to maintain as well.

The time is now for EV charging station owners to invest in cloud solutions to be able to transmit and access information and control their cloud EV charging station functionalities from anywhere and at any given time. The energy sector is ever-evolving, and no component of it can afford to ignore its challenging needs. Contact CCT for effective and efficient cloud based EV charging station management solutions.

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