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Cloud Computing Architecture

Cloud Computing Architecture for Interconnected Clouds

A Cloud Computing Architecture leverages a cluster of parallel and distributed cloud servers performing a computational function as a unified fully integrated resource. This cluster of cloud servers performs a utility function; serving web pages, performing database services, or delivering email for example ubiquitous to performance requirements, time limitations, delivery, scale, and costs. This architecture of cloud services has interoperable communications protocols and data exchange inside a framework of seamless service delivery. Further information available at Cloud Computing Architecture.

Self-contained consumer oriented cloud business process services deliver to the end user a robust cloud services functions on-demand. This scenario removes the need for on-premises computing resources capital investment required of legacy software and hardware systems. These traditional legacy capital expenditures costs may be reallocated to customizing cloud services to further enhance the value to cloud service cost ratio.

Open Architecture of Cloud Service Providers

In determining the future compatibility of existing cloud service providers open architecture, cloud services consumers should investigate the future feasibility of their cloud infrastructure provider. An open Cloud Services Platform usually embraces a Service-Oriented Architecture and Web Services approach. Some key points to consider when evaluating open cloud architecture:

• Presentation Layer incorporates cloud to cloud interoperability
• Tools for Incorporating Logic across Multiple Cloud Platforms
• Open API for Cloud Cross Platform Administration and Monitoring
• Consolidated Cloud Services Billing
• Roadmap for open Cloud Computing Architecture

Multiple Platform and Domain Cloud Services Solutions

When considering the best approach to Cloud Computing Architecture, Cloud Computing Technologies, a wholly owned division of Castillo Technologies, helps your organization to design and implement a multi-platform and domain cloud solutions system to meet your applications, business processes, and strategic objectives.

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