Cloud First Strategy

CCT’s Cloud-First Strategy

What Is a Cloud-First Strategy?

Cloud entails software solutions created specifically to make the most of the latest cloud computing infrastructure. These solutions run on the back of hosting providers (e.g., Amazon, Azure) to maximize results.

A cloud-first application or service is not one that is migrated to the cloud or created via an update. Instead, such an application or service is designed from scratch by keeping the cloud in focus.

Developers of cloud-first applications and services possess in-depth knowledge about the moving pieces behind the scene that are replicating and syncing data. This is why these designs are more tolerant to the database syncing and carry a smaller assembly footprint. In short, the cloud-first approach allows businesses to accommodate new technology more effectively and efficiently.

Cloud-first services and applications are known for their performance and stability, which are often superior to the traditional ones.

The Dilemma

Today, cloud adoption has peaked. Although every business is utilizing the cloud, it is only used for resolving specific IT issues. This holds them back from generating the maximum value out of the cloud.

A cloud-first strategy can allow you to put cloud technology at the core of the business strategy. This groundbreaking approach revamps traditional methods. Business processes receive a much-needed boost and enterprise-scale organizations can finally move with the agility of a forward-thinking startup.

CCT’s Approach

We build and show an overview of how technology can assist in reaching business objectives. This is done by aligning the role of IT departments to support your company’s journey in the long run.

Whether your company is already utilizing the cloud or starting to consider a cloud-first strategy, we provide assistance to teams with cloud migration at an enterprise scale by unraveling the tangible benefits it will bring to the table.

Our cloud-first strategy empowers businesses to eliminate existing pain points usually found in such moves. At the same time, we will help you visualize and develop a plan on how a cloud-first technology can create game-changing outcomes for your organization.

The Six-Point Strategy

Once you partner with CCT, we will take you through a series of stages to implement a cloud-first strategy.

1.   Assessment

We help evaluate the impact of embracing a cloud-first strategy on your architecture, cost, and security. If the assessment’s output ensures that your business can quickly adopt this approach, we move to the next stage.

2.   Proof of Concept

We help perform a pilot run of a cloud-first strategy that is tailored to address your needs. You can take some time to get your team familiar with it and earn their support.

3.   Data Migration

We help leverage plenty of available data storage options to determine a secure solution that meets your budget range. Once you are confident about the data security measures, we can migrate your data to the cloud in no time.

4.   Application Migration

We help you come to a decision on which kind of migration is ideal for your bottom line. Sometimes, a hybrid strategy is ideal where some on-premises components are moved to the cloud, while the remaining ones are run by your servers. Or, sometimes, a forklift strategy is better where you lift everything into the cloud servers. We have experience with all of these strategies and can recommend which one is the best for you.

5.   Leveraging Cloud

We help leverage the flexibility and tools provided by the cloud environment to automate and auto-scale your business functions. Our cloud services offer higher scalability and elasticity to maximize benefits for your organization.

6.   Optimization

We help modify and optimize your cloud infrastructure to ensure that the available resources are utilized optimally. By conducting performance monitoring, we perform anomaly detection regularly and re-engineer modules that have failed to take advantage of cloud computing.

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Benefits Of CCT’s Cloud-First Strategy

CCT’s cloud-first strategy can empower businesses to unlock a host of advantages by taking their tools and operations to the cloud.


As soon as your tools start working in the cloud, an instant realization dawns: they are more flexible than ever. There is no need for any rebuilding as you can easily expand or replicate the scale of cloud-based deployments, reusing them for new users. This saves you from making any adjustments to physical infrastructure for supporting the expansion.

Cost Reduction

Sometimes the cloud may seem costlier in the initial stages, but overall, it delivers a lower cost of ownership. As a result, you can store huge amounts of data in the cloud for almost free. Similarly, running workstations and servers in the cloud are more affordable than in-house hosting.

Predictable Costs

With a cloud-first strategy, you have it easy – paying only a fixed rate on a monthly basis. Hence, your costs are predictable, which is not possible when you manage on-premises infrastructure.

Faster Setup

With CCT’s cloud-first strategy, you can deploy different types of cloud-based tools immediately. There is no time spent in hosting infrastructure or setting up an environment.


Compared to on-premises tech stacks, the cloud is usually more dependable and minimizes the risk of downtime. This increases your productivity and, in turn, boosts revenues.

Automated Updates

CCT can help build cloud-powered solutions that receive automatic updates, saving resources on maintenance and management.

Universal Access

You can access CCT’s cloud-powered solutions from any place at any time. All you need is a reliable Internet connection and CCT will handle the rest.  You no longer have to worry being physically present in your workplace to use company tools.

Does your legacy system hold back innovation? Don’t limit yourself and explore the cloud advantage. Speak with our friendly cloud consultants and benefit from a cloud-first strategy.

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