Cloud Governance Solutions

Cloud Governance Solutions

Recently, we were contacted by an organization. The organization had seven business units that were migrated to the cloud a year ago. Cloud services provided by Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) were used to power their business applications. However, the organization was unable to properly leverage cloud benefits because it dealt with the following issues:
  • There was no cloud visibility on what cloud services were used or which their cloud service providers were. Each business unit subscribed to different services in silos.
  • There were security loopholes due to the presence of unauthorized cloud activities.
  • Although there’s a policy to store data in a specific way, no one is following it.
  • Their cloud subscription bill came out too high.

It didn’t take us to long to identify what was missing: cloud governance. So, what’s  governance for the cloud and why do you need it?

What Is Governance in the Cloud?

Governance in the cloud is a type of framework that governs how cloud services can be used. It covers technology, processes, and people as well as improves cost management, data security, and deployment acceleration. You can use cloud governance to regulate and control the use of cloud services by specifying policies, standards, and processes to be complied with for strategizing, on-boarding, overseeing, and handling cloud services.

Governance in the cloud resolves cloud challenges by adhering to the following.

  • Specifies a process that must be followed while working with a cloud service.
  • Implements a cloud mechanism by enforcing policies for cloud services.
  • Implements a monitoring mechanism to review cloud usage. The leadership gains a view of the present cloud charges, and receives an alert after the limit ends.
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Why You Need Cloud Governance?

When your organization relies on the cloud, it’s necessary to comply with certain rules. Usually, they are linked to data security and personal privacy and can vary based on your sector. These rules are similar to the ones that you comply with while running with an on-premises IT infrastructure. However, the landscape is different, and according to Forrester, thus you need to understand the best practices in cloud governance solutions for stakeholders.

Each department builds its own system in the cloud. Assets can be deployed easily with a mouse’s click. Although you don’t need to be concerned regarding the capital costs, expect operational costs to get out of hand in no time. Additionally, programs, applications, and software used by one department may not communicate with other department’s tools.
Therefore, a lack of control doesn’t only produce issues with efficiency and costs, but it also puts security at risk. Cloud services are secure, but if you deploy your assets with poor configuration or access controls, it can cause hackers to exploit your systems and infect them with malware.
Traditionally, on-premises IT infrastructure saved your organization’s network from a wide range of security issues through a firewall. You don’t get the same luxury in the cloud. Therefore, you need cloud governance to take full advantage of the cloud advantage.

CCT’s Cloud Governance Offering

At this point, you must have recognized the importance of cloud governance for your organization. Whether you have an Azure or AWS cloud infrastructure, CCT can provide tailored governance solutions. We provide solutions supported by the trusted and credible SLAs and can adapt as per your requirements.

Our cloud custodians can determine the best strategy to make sure that existing and new processes conform to the IT governance policies. Besides, from tracking your cloud spend and finding areas that could benefit from cloud savings, we provide the following governance in the solutions.

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Mrs. Hanson
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"CCT showed us how to meeting regulatory compliance in AWS Landing Zone and greatly improved our cloud security controls."
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Scheduled Policies

CCT’s cloud custodians can enable you to govern your infrastructure with both in-built and custom policies. Implement appropriate cloud policies and use real-time alerts to oversee your cloud spend. If you have configured virtual machines, we can empower you to handle their failure and recovery easily.

Access Control

For enterprises, we can configure authentication, authorization, and access control. CCT’s cloud experts develop and maintain user profiles by defining access rights for all applications and services. Handle several user roles and privileges at once for a wide range of cloud providers.
Synchronize users, organizations, and relevant roles of data for each directory server by simplifying services and users’ administration.


We build dashboards for our clients that contain a complete inventory of cloud resources for each account. They include granular aspects, such as operating systems, consumption based on a region, and usage type, which can help you to plan your cloud spend accordingly.
These dashboards also show the information pertaining to the private data center, enabling the planning and monitoring of your recent cloud migration. Review cloud expenses for different providers according to the set criteria.


We integrate machine learning into your dashboards. They provide recommendations for optimizing cloud spend related to over-provisioned or unused resources. Analyze how the cloud resources are utilized in terms of various parameters, obtaining the max ROI out of your cloud. Following these recommendations can enhance the efficiency of cloud resources and optimize resource allocation.

Resource Tagging

With resource tagging, you can gain visibility on who is responsible for the cloud spend. Tag analytics and reports can serve as the foundation of chargeback allocation. Use tags to automate policies and processes and control cloud resources.

Operations Management

CCT’s cloud custodians can handle the lifecycle management and automation of your cloud operations. Empower your DevOps teams with quicker provisioning and greater autonomy of cloud resources.

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Any change to technology platforms or business processes introduces risk in your company. Allow CCT’s cloud custodians to mitigate these risks and prevent interruption to your innovation and adoption efforts. Our experts can implement effective cloud governance to ensure that you make the most out of your cloud migration.
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