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Cloud Help Desk

Increase your help desk system’s productivity

Why Do You Need A Help Desk?

Customer support is one of the most important cogs that keep a business running. Once you excel at guiding customers through tricky experiences, you will gain their trust in no time. Thus, to win their confidence, a cloud help desk software can come in handy.

A robust cloud help desk software streamlines your communication channel so you can listen to your customer’s concerns and respond instantaneously. As a result, user queries from various channels, such as social media, chat, phone, and email, are brought to a unified, single platform, enabling your customer representatives to offer contextual answers. With a help desk, you can get your hands on a variety of features, which can automate ticket assignments, collect crucial insight about team performances, empower customers to better self-service, and boost productivity.

Why Store Data In The Cloud?

Remote servers are used to host cloud help desks. This way, businesses have the ability to manage fluctuating workloads easily. What this means is that you never have to be concerned regarding your support portals betting overloaded during peak hours. The biggest benefit of moving your help desk to the cloud is the versatility you get in terms of security and backups. Your data gets backed up regularly, which allows your employees to retrieve it from any location.

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CCT’s Cloud Help Desk

How much efficient could your business processes become? What if it was possible to make your help desk available 24/7? With CCT, you can bring this thought to a reality. Our cloud help desk system lets you use help desk functionalities at any given hour. Users can email or call for their support requests and can also create requests.

Our cloud help desk software lets you launch, manage, and monitor help desk incidents all from a single place. With email, you can create incidents automatically. In addition, you can set your own rules to make automatic adjustments. Overall, our tool can help you save a great deal of time.

It is easy to install our help desk software, and we have made sure that end users can manage it without any hurdles. You can not only create incidents but also monitor them until they get resolved. As a result, you will experience a notable decrease in ‘chase up’ calls.

Our cloud help desk software provides managers with an excellent set of features that can let them focus on increasing user satisfaction without getting stuck with modern tools and technologies.

Benefits Of CCT’s Cloud Help Desk

CCT’s cloud infrastructure is ideal for hosting your help desk system. We can ramp up system stability and maximize security to provide reliable support.

Minimize Costs

Whether you run a small or a larger firm, cloud computing is more cost-effective than on-site storage solutions. Thus, with a cloud help desk, we can help you save money by creating your own help desk infrastructure.

Get Instant Access

The cloud help desk is available from any place at any time. Just launch a browser on any device and start resolving your tickets immediately. You can access CCT’s cloud help desk software on desktop PCs, laptops, and smartphones.

Benefit from Effortless Maintenance

You don’t have to allocate resources for installing updates. Our cloud help desk software receives regular and automatic updates.

Extreme Protection

Our cloud help desk software is well protected and offers instant backups. Your data will be encrypted .i.e. only the authorized parties can read its content.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Microservice is the breaking up of traditionally tightly coupled application components into small specialized services that communicate through HTTPS REST and HTTPS API interfaces.
Since Microservices are small specialized services, they can be quickly and efficiently rearranged to accommodate future capabilities unknown at the present time.
Microservices are independent and modular which allows for significant flexibility in communications patterns and often prevent cascading failure.
DevOps is the combination of development and operations into a single function of software development and infrastructure management. The main priority of DevOps is the reduction of barriers to speed of delivery.
DevSecOps empowers everyone in the development process using a security focused tool set to address timely security decisions at speed and scale of each development stage. The main priority of DevSecOps is risk reduction through DevOps security accountability and governance.
Security automation in DevSecOps increases speed of code releases while reducing the risk using static application security testing (SAST), dynamic application security testing (DAST), and code dependency checking.
High business value is realized from quick and efficient response to market opportunities and challenges, optimization for innovation, and reduction of technical debt all lead to superior competitive advantage.
CCT is pleased to discuss your requirements and present a proposal for your review and consideration. Call us today at 1-800-804-9726 x105.

Scale Your Business

As your organization gains traction, customers will send more requests and messages. Our cloud help desk software is built by keeping scalability in mind. Hence, higher traffic will not affect performance.

Features In CCT’s Cloud Help Desk

Probably your business doesn’t have an in-house IT team, or perhaps you like the flexibility of cloud help desk software. Regardless, you have made the right choice.

Many on-premises help desk systems are counterproductive; they limit your usage and intercept data sharing, lock you in, and cost an arm and leg. We have created our cloud help desk software from scratch by avoiding all the bottlenecks that affect the on-premises cloud software. This is why our offering has been a massive success among businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). With our cloud help desk software, you get to enjoy all the features of a hosted help desk without tackling its downsides.

Dedicated Servers

We provision dedicated cloud server instances for each customer.

Blazing Speed

Our cloud help desk software runs on the back of speedy processors, SSD drives, and robust networking infrastructure, ensuring users get to enjoy fast speeds.

Installation and Upgrades

We can take care of the initial setup and future upgrades, so you can always connect to the latest version of our software.

Backups & Uptime

Let us manage and protect your backups in a secure location. We will make sure that you don’t have to face any downtime.

DDoS Protection

You will get 100% protection against DDoS and other forms of malware attacks.

Your Email Servers

We can set you up with an email account or customize your email server.

AWS Support

Our experts build and deploy a wide range of AWS solutions. We provide AWS support with the cloud help desk as well.

Get the Best Cloud Help Desk Software Right Now

CCT’s help desk software packs all the essential as well as innovative features that you need to save your resources and organize your support. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and let us build and deploy a cloud help desk software.

What clients say about Cloud Computing Technologies

"CCT's diverse skills and expertise has reduced our technical debt by millions of dollars to which we have reinvested into future capabilities."
Mrs Hanson
Mrs. Hanson
"With CCT migrating our critical systems into the AWS, 80% our staff is now remote working."
Mrs Miller
Mrs. Miller
"CCT showed us how to meeting regulatory compliance in AWS Landing Zone and greatly improved our cloud security controls."
Mrs Wilson
Mrs. Wilson
"CCT provided our agency with application rationalization services and successfuly applicaton migrations meeting all KPIs and SLAs."
Mr Smith
Federal Agency
"I highly recommend the data science team at CCT. They are technically proficient, great communicators, unbiased, and reduced our false positives by 68%."
Mr Brown
Mr. Brown
"The team at CCT is knowledgable and insightful in developing a cloud architecture leading to our mission success."
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Mr. Robinson

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