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    CCT Cloud Services in Phoenix

    CCT cloud services adoption with our consulting services is not as complicated as one may think. Our team will run a consulting approach (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) to match your business objectives with the most reliable, mobile, flexible, secure, scalable, and cost effective on-demand tech so you can take advantage of rapid scalability and maximized business value. Further information available at Cloud Services.

  • Virtual Data Center Partner

    As a IT systems integrator, we specialize in infrastructure, platform, and manage applications under a comprehensive life-cycle approach to exceed your business objectives. As your single point of technical contact, we explain third-party cloud service level agreements, share pricing models, online web tools, and contracts as your trusted adviser.

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    Professional Solutions

    Our cloud offerings provide services through our onsite cloud engineering hourly technical services coupled with world-class partners including Amazon Web Services (AWS). Instance build setups include migration assessments, inventory of Microsoft apps, systems design and implementation (private, public, or hybrid), and private cloud enviornments. We are available to meet your needs for best business class business outcomes.

  • Systems Aggregation

    Integrating many web cloud systems from several providers can be a challenging security project. Our solution management team is well versed with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other popular internet virtual services to include our own technology. The advantages of leveraging cloud backup storage solutions can offer the end user access to data from multiple sources. Our services involve all aspects of network application layer cloud-to-cloud communications and data storage integration for a seamless cloud ecosystem.

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    Customized Secure Solutions

    We deploy and configure a hardened Virtual Private Network (VPN) Application Gateways with redundant site paths to securely interconnect and control your local network environment to AWS. All data-in-transport communications occurs within a secure 256bit encrypted tunnel which allows private network traffic to traverse securely through the public Internet. Further, Two Factor Authentication (FTA) an extra layer of security, ensures that only users with authorized access are permitted to connect. Then, data-at-rest that resides on the system is stored with server-side encryption (SSE) using AES-256 disk encryption for privacy confidence.

    Our expertise and experience in successful enterprise managed software as a service implementations have saved many customers thousands in time and reduced server investments. Through our services, our clients are removed from the complexity and cost of new server hardware and software products expenses to focus on their core competency, what they do best. You can rest assured, our teams follow industry best practices, established standards, and proven methodologies. In addition we offer convenient and affordable ongoing support and complete maintenance plans. Please find us on google or call for a no-obligation free initial consultation offers 1-800-804-9726.