CCT’s Cloud Solutions Architects for Infrastructure-as-a-Service for Business and Serverless computing for Business

There are many ways to assemble a cloud solution yet our Cloud Solutions Architect design using proven best practices for increased efficiency, ease of access, simpler administration and management, and overall lower costs. With our highly talented, skilled, and experienced Cloud Architect by your side, you can say goodbye to your IT infrastructure issues.

Cloud Solutions Design and Architecture requires in-depth consideration

Our Cloud Solutions Architect hold many certifications

We have provided Cloud Solutions Architect to Fortune 500 leading corporations, small and medium business, and Federal agencies for over 10 years.

No matter where our organization is located, we will provide you with the Cloud Solutions Architect you require for your cloud initiatives.

For Full Time, Part Time, or Temporary Cloud Architect Staffing, Direct Hire, Project Based, W2 or 1099

Cloud Computing Design and Architecture requires in-depth consideration of the following to achieve desired outcomes:

  • Business Strategy and Objectives into Cloud Architecture
  • Business Processes incorporated into Cloud Architecture
  • Planning, Architecting, Engineering, and Implementing Cloud Architecture
  • Security, Compliance, Privacy
  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Performance
  • High Availability and Fault-Tolerance
  • Monthly Recurring Costs
  • Migration Approaches
  • Digital Transformation
  • Next Generation Solutions
  • IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and Hybrid
  • Compute, Storage, Database, CDN, Applications
  • Front End, Back End, Interconnectivity, Endpoints
  • Full Development Lifecycle
  • Java, .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Big Data
  • Windows, Unix, Linux, Solaris
  • Ports, Protocols, Middleware
  • Microservices Architecture

CCT’s Cloud Solution Architects

Outsource Your IT Infrastructure to Focus on Essential Business Operations

Why Cloud Solutions Architects Are Needed?

If your organization manages hardware, operating system, and software, you lose a significant amount of time in the complex management and configuration of these setups. These issues should never be your first priority.
There are many small businesses that incur heavy losses due to a shortage of resources to handle their IT infrastructure. Some SMBs are unable to invest properly in IT infrastructure as it is not only too costly, but it also requires them to spend a great deal of time in planning, configuring, and installing.
There is also the downtime dilemma where businesses lose their on-premises resources due to unanticipated factors like power outages. All of these factors eat up a significant chunk of their profit margins and limit them from reaching the peak of operational efficiency.

CCT’s Cloud Solutions Architects to the Rescue

CCT has been working for more than 20 years in the cloud industry and knows the challenges faced by cash-strapped businesses while tackling these IT issues. But, you don’t have to worry anymore!
CCT has assembled a highly talented and experienced cloud solutions architects who have been assisting SMBs for a long time. Our approach is simple: we review your business from hardware to software and recommend cloud solutions that can improve your employee productivity, make your business operations efficient, and reduce costs.
Customize your applications according to your business processes and get better ROI.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service for Business

Infrastructure-as-a-Service for Business (IaaS) allows organizations to power their IT operations by accessing a remote infrastructure. CCT’s cloud solution architects can ensure that you don’t have to purchase computer equipment or hardware and choose the most efficient equipment to meet your requirements. This means that they can handle your virtual desktop hosting, storage, load balancing, routers, servers, IP addresses, and even firewalls!

Virtual Resources

Our cloud experts assess and review your computing needs. Based on our inspection, we provision and customize the following:
  • RAM – Add more memory to handle intensive applications
  • CPU Cores – Increase CPU cores to support parallel processing
  • VLANs – Group multiple hosts in a single network
  • IP Addresses – Manage IP addresses, such as by purchasing a dedicated IP address.

Disaster Recovery

CCT’s cloud solution architects host your remote equipment in a secure and available data center—a large specialized computing facility with network connectivity, cooling, and redundant power. As a result, it provides increased support for business continuity and disaster recovery.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a council of senior enterprise architects who vet the candidates for breadth and depth of cloud architecture. We then enhance each candidates’ knowledge and skills with the latest Cloud Design and Modeling tools. In addition, maintain an up-to-date repository of proven cloud architecture designs and models that only our candidates can access.
Our Cloud Architects have available to them custom in-house developed cloud architecture collaboration and workflow solution eliminating the need for our clients to purchase expensive and hard to manage cloud architecture software.
Our Cloud Solutions Architect sign non-disclosure agreements both with our company and yours for all project engagements.
If any of our Cloud Solutions Architect do not meet your standards, we will provide an alternative candidate at no cost to you.

Platform-as-a-Service for Business

PaaS for Business is a cloud solution that enables organizations to create, run, and oversee applications without worrying about the lower-level infrastructure. These services include:

  • Middleware (e.g., Red Hat JBoss EAP)
  • Development tools (e.g., Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio, Xcode, Android Studio, Adobe Dreamweaver, WebStorm)
  • Business Intelligence (e.g., Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Amazon QuickSight)
  • Database management systems(e.g., MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL)
Support your desktop, web, and mobile application with PaaS, so you can easily build, test, deploy, manage, and update high-quality software for your clients.

Enterprise Cloud Offerings

Modern applications have complex requirements. CCT’s cloud solution architects can help them by providing APIs, authentication, integrations, business logic, and security. They also provision various microservices, so that you can utilize features, such as push notifications, Bluetooth, RFID, etc in your applications.

App Building Tools

One of the major benefits of PaaS is allowing businesses to use advanced drag-and-drop tools for building robust and secure applications. Users can control their GUI with intuitive mouse controls, add and choose elements in their applications with a few clicks, and customize the business logic by specifying actions and data from a drop-down list.

Software-as-a-Service for Businesses

SaaS for Business allows companies to use cloud-based software through a subscription model. They don’t have to worry about hardware, operating system, or any form of coding issues, because everything is presented to them over the Internet.

Software Management

CCT’s cloud solution architects handle all software management, such as installing, downloading, and configuring patches. We guarantee 99.9% of software uptime to our users.
We can provide you with critical business applications, such as ERP, HRM, CRM, sales, collaboration, and procurement systems. Improve your productivity with Microsoft Office 365 and take advantage of tools from SAP, Salesforce, and Amazon to improve processes, such as planning, monitoring, sales tracking, accounting, invoking, sales tracing, and performance monitoring. Rather than becoming limited through a single vendor, let us provide you the best software as per your use case.

Experience and Agile Expertise

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Serverless Computing for Businesses

Serverless Computing for Business allows organizations to buy back-end services on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ model .i.e. developers pay only for services that they used. It doesn’t remove servers altogether—you just don’t have to worry about them anymore.

Lambda Advantage

CCT’s cloud solutions experts can help you take advantage of serverless computing with different options, such as AWS Lambda. Lambda is a good option due to its support for a wide range of environments and programming languages. A long list of events is used to trigger Lambdas, after which a function responds appropriately.
We can grow your performance efficiency through automation. For instance, if you are developing a social media application where users share their photos and videos, you can store them in a bucket in S3. The bucket’s object triggers a Lambda that can perform image-related operations, such as compression, add a watermark, and then save it in a new bucket. This is just a basic example. There are a lot of other ways through which CCT’s cloud solution experts can automate your back-end development.

Get in touch with us and discuss your IT issues. Our experienced and certified cloud solution architects will review your needs and recommend cloud solutions that can help you to outpace your competitors.

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