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Scalability and Flexibility Application Rationalization

Each organization is unique. This is so true that it would be an understatement to say that not all organizations are created equally. Diversity can be seen even within the same industry, even with businesses that compete with each other for the same market segment.

This diversity means that there really isn’t a “one size fits all” solution when it comes to the software requirements of your business. It’s common for organizations to purchase a suite of applications and hope for the best outcome. However, this will only lead to extra expenses and inefficiencies in the business processes.

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Deploy new software at the speed of operations – finally

The software that drives your business is one of your most important assets. It should be designed in a way that allows it to rapidly adapt to changes in the business environment. The speed at which you are able to adapt to these changes depends not only on the business logic integrated into your software, but also the technology that is used, and even the methodology followed.

The major problem with legacy software acquisition and development practices, however, is that they don’t just make it difficult to deploy new software at the speed of operations – they essentially make it impossible.

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Bringing your vision to life, together

Gone are the days when monolithic applications ruled the world of software development. Decoupled, self-healing, cloud-enabled apps are the way forward. This new type of environment requires apps to be dynamic and component-based, but work together as a single unit. They are expected to share the same memory space, making all software built with this approach essentially self-contained.

The problem with older monolithic applications is not only that their components are interconnected, but they’re interdependent as well. Even the slightest change or update to a monolithic system requires you to rebuild and redeploy the entire stack. Testing to ensure that the whole application still works is another big task.

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If you’ve ever wondered how platforms like Google and Amazon show you targeted product advertisements, how Netflix and Spotify recommend content, how virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri work, or how cars drive themselves, the answer lies in some form of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

It is staggering to see the extent to which so many industries have adopted artificial Intelligence. Various forms of AI Solutions have become vital parts of many businesses and our daily lives, without us even knowing it.

At its core, artificial intelligence has to do with the development of computer systems and algorithms that can perform tasks that formerly required human interaction. Image recognition, voice recognition, translation, and decision making are just some of its uses, which yield a multitude of applications.

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  • LR200 Chief Information Officer

  • LR188 DevSecOps Leader II

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Keeping you and your people protected, no matter what

According to one recent cloud security study, the average global cost of a data breach hit $3.86 million in 2019 – up a massive 6.4% from the previous year. A lot of this has to do with how disparate and complicated computing environments have become in recent memory.

Your IT infrastructure no longer exists exclusively within your business. In fact, the majority of it probably isn’t even on-site at all – it’s housed in a data center somewhere, and resources are delivered on-demand and in real-time over the Internet.

This type of cloud-based environment brings with it several key advantages, like the fact that people can work from anywhere, and communication and collaboration have never been easier.

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Data Analytics Services


Data Analytics refers to the process of analyzing data and producing insights for decision making.

It has become vital for modern businesses due to the sheer amount of user and transaction data they encounter on a daily basis. Storing and processing this data becomes impossible without the right tools.

This is where big data analytics becomes important. Cloud Computing Technologies (CCT) has enabled many of its customers to embrace data analytics services in the recent past, and the results have been outstanding.

CCT works with many Data Analytics Services to provide the best solutions to customers. However, AWS is the leading provider of Cloud Services and Data Analytics Services. As a Standard Consulting Partner, CCT highly recommends AWS Data Lakes. Data Analytics Services, like TensorFlow, depend on AWS for 85% of their big data projects.

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Experience and Agile Expertise

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The Cloud Computing Technologies Cloud Solutions Approach

Cloud Solutions have taken the world by storm. Many organizations that thought they can build their applications with their know-how and tools have now started realizing the benefits of Cloud Computing. This realization has resulted in a steep increase in the adoption of cloud technologies.

At Cloud Computing Technologies, we take pride in guiding our customers through their cloud migration. We offer secure, scalable, and fully on-demand DevSecOps and Software Development services through our enterprise-level cloud partners like Amazon AWS.

If you’d like to find out more information about all of our innovative service offerings, or if you’d just like to discuss your own needs with someone in a bit more detail, please don’t delay – contact Cloud Computing Technologies today

Frequently Asked Questions

A Microservice is the breaking up of traditionally tightly coupled application components into small specialized services that communicate through HTTPS REST and HTTPS API interfaces.
Since Microservices are small specialized services, they can be quickly and efficiently rearranged to accommodate future capabilities unknown at the present time.
Microservices are independent and modular which allows for significant flexibility in communications patterns and often prevent cascading failure.
DevOps is the combination of development and operations into a single function of software development and infrastructure management. The main priority of DevOps is the reduction of barriers to speed of delivery.
DevSecOps empowers everyone in the development process using a security focused tool set to address timely security decisions at speed and scale of each development stage. The main priority of DevSecOps is risk reduction through DevOps security accountability and governance.
Security automation in DevSecOps increases speed of code releases while reducing the risk using static application security testing (SAST), dynamic application security testing (DAST), and code dependency checking.
High business value is realized from quick and efficient response to market opportunities and challenges, optimization for innovation, and reduction of technical debt all lead to superior competitive advantage.
CCT is pleased to discuss your requirements and present a proposal for your review and consideration. Call us today at 1-800-804-9726 x105.

What clients say about Cloud Computing Technologies

"CCT delivered to our needs for repeatability, versioning, and consistency with our AWS platform configurations."
Mrs Johnson
Mrs. Johnson
"Through rapid growth and thoughful innovation, CCT's team scaled our cloud platform capabilites."
Mr Edwards Testimonial
Mr. Edwards
"Delivering global digital services has been realized with the support of CCT's expertise and approach."
Mr Nowlan
Mr. Nowlan
"With CCT microservices development, we are more agile in public response to getting requests fulfilled with excellent efficiency."
Federal Agency
Small Business Owner
"CCT has really streamlined our innovation and software delivery with AWS and Kubernetes."
Mr Sorenson
Mr. Sorenson
"Our profits have soared 4x after the digital transformation led by Cloud Computing Technologies."
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Transforming for Innovation and Sustainability securing future competitive advantage


A significant number of CIOs have reported that a good portion of their applications are duplicative, rigid, complex, stifled by dependencies, and burdened with expensive technology debt. Thus, modernization is required to maintain or advance competitive advantage with CCT’s path forward.
With thorough discovery, CCT develops an INTEGRATION STRATEGY to phase in cloud infrastructure while phasing out legacy infrastructure to maintain continuity of operations.
With our extensive experience in cloud ARCHITECTURE best practices, you gain a well-designed, platform for multi-applications hosting that meets security, reliability, cost efficiency, performance for operational excellence.
Improve your bottom line with application RATIONALIZATION by defining the approach to modernize each application in the portfolio.
CCT developers’ agile approach to REFACTORING eliminates the code issues and complexities. Common issues we address include code duplication, lengthy methods and functions, excessive parameters, code placements, etc…
By managing the risk and complexity with cloud MIGRATION, CCT efficiently moves and recreates your instances on a multi-regional infrastructure with all the benefits of a world-class platform.
Careful tracking of cloud KPIs and SLAs on CCT developed digital dashboards ensure that systems are performing to governance standards and expectations.

Integration Strategy

Agile business-aligned in well-defined governance framework


Cloud components and sub-components organized for scalability and resilience


Determination of application retire, replace or consolidation


Optimizing code to latest microservices technologies


Relocating instances efficiently with operations disruption

KPIs and SLAs

Performance factors measured to standards and governance