CloudEndure Embedded Cloud Security Approach
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CloudEndure Embedded Cloud Security Approach

IT infrastructure disasters, such as server corruption and data center failures, can disrupt business functions. The loss of data can negatively impact a company’s bottom line. Needless to say, loss of customer data can damage the reputation of the company.

According to a study of US marketers, consumers, IT personnel, and CMOs, a breach resulting in data loss can cause significant loss to a company in reputation and brand value. Nearly 65 percent of the respondents in the survey believed that a data breach leads to lost trust in the organization.

CloudEndure Embedded security approach can minimize data loss and downtime due to a cyber attack. The technology can offer reliable and fast recovery of virtual, physical, and cloud servers. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) embedded technology offers high security during the data migration process.

CloudEndure Migration

CloudEndure migration is an agent-based solution that helps the secure migration of legacy applications and databases on Linux and Windows operating systems. It supports Linux distributions, such as RHEL, CentOS, OEL, Ubuntu, SUSE, and Debian. The solution also supports different versions of the Windows Server, including Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, and 2019.

When launching production machines, the CloudEndure Embedded cloud security solution automatically converts the system infrastructure to AWS infrastructure. This allows your development team to run machines natively in AWS without manual intervention.

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery

CloudEndure disaster recovery can replicate machines in the target AWS account in any location. The CloudEndure Embedded security approach can replicate the system state configuration, operating system, databases, files, and applications. It allows the replication of system resources into a low-cost staging area at the preferred location.

In case of a data loss, CloudEndure Disaster Recovery will launch automatically in fully provisioned states within minutes. The disaster recovery feature can help protect critical databases and enterprise applications. The orchestration engine of CloudEndure will launch operational workloads in the specified AWS Region at the time of data loss.

The automated process involves cloning disks and provisioning of resources like network interfaces, virtual machines, and firewalls. The process clones disks from the staging area to the target network within a few minutes.

What are the Benefits of using CloudEndure Embedded Security?

CloudEndure solution supports mission-critical applications like SAP, as well as common databases, including SQL Server and Oracle. The core module carries out a continuous block-level data replication of the source machines into a staging area of the AWS account with no downtime.

Here are some of the benefits of CloudEndure solution for enterprises.

Seamless Migration

CloudEndure Migration makes the application transfer process simpler and more efficient. You can easily and securely transfer applications from different infrastructures. It ensures that the applications remain fully functional with no compatibility problems.  Organizations can rapidly execute multiple migration products with a minimum risk of data loss.

Maximum Uptime

Traditional migration solutions update target locations at infrequent intervals. On the other hand, CloudEndure embedded disaster recovery offers continuous, asynchronous replication that allows the recovery point objectives (RPOs) of seconds. The orchestration and automated machine conversion allow the recovery time objectives of minutes. You can meet these strict recovery objectives even for large write-intensive workloads.

The CloudEnsure process will continually copy the source machine without taking any snapshots. This results in minimal impact on the machines. There is no need to restart the systems during the replication process. The continuous replication also facilitates non-disruptive tests and reduces the cutover windows.

Cost Savings

CloudEndure helps transfer all databases and applications from any infrastructure on supported platforms to AWS. It also securely transfers legacy and third-party applications.

Organizations that adopt the CloudEndure embedded cloud security solution don’t have to invest in cloud development or allocate significant IT resources for securing data. CouldEndure handles all the tasks related to data backup, migration, and recovery. This greatly reduces the operational cost of the organization.

Increased Reliability

The automated failover feature of CloudEndure minimizes the time-intensive manual process involved in data recovery. It automates the data recovery process and decreases the element of human error when backing critical data.

CloudEndure makes it easy to set up, monitor, and implement a cloud disaster recovery process. It simplifies the execution of the data recovery process and ensures minimum disruptions. This gives time to the IT personnel to validate the recovery process and make necessary changes to increase the reliability of the process.

Enterprise-Grade Security

CloudEndure provides the highest level of security standards. Data replication is carried out directly from the source to the target AWS region. The process can be restricted to private networks for improved control and security.

CloudEndure is compliant with ISO 27001 standards. The cloud security solution also provides in-transit data encryption using data-at-rest and AES 256-bit encryption methods. It is a robust cloud security solution that reduces the downtimes and ensures maximum security during the data migration and recovery process.

Conclusion for CloudEndure Embedded cloud security approach

CloudEndure offers fast and reliable recovery of virtual, physical, and cloud-based servers in the event of a disruption. The solution also automates the process of migrating critical data to the cloud platform for data recovery.

Using CloudEndure can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) as compared to traditional data recovery solutions. It replicates the systems into a staging area and launches fully provisioned machines within minutes in the event of a system failure.

CloudEndure’s orchestration process is not affected by the number and volume of virtual machines. It can significantly reduce the overall cost and improve the efficiency of the disaster recovery infrastructure.

Contact us today to know more about CloudEndure embedded cloud security approach for AWS. We offer a comprehensive cloud solution that is appropriate for different sizes and types of organizations.

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