Community Cloud Managed Broadband Solutions

Community Cloud Managed Broadband Solutions

The internet is not just a luxury anymore, but a necessity. Businesses, as well as individuals, need it to operate in today’s digital world. Not only that, but the demands, requirements, and expectations pertaining to internet services have become extremely high. Broadband transmits high-speed internet to provide data access to consumers. It is common for corporate businesses and the public to look up to broadband services for their data needs. For this purpose, broadband networks need to create and deploy broadband solutions that are efficient and reliable.
Unfortunately, the current systems and infrastructure of broadband networks face several challenges that pressure their operations. A community cloud is a technology that has a public cloud-like environment that different individuals or businesses with similar motives and objectives can share and operate within. A community cloud has functionality that is dedicated and is a utility-providing platform for leveraging cloud computing. A community cloud environment can be highly beneficial for designing and implementing broadband solutions to ensure the satisfaction of the needs of broadband customers.

Community Cloud Broadband Solutions

The cloud is layered with its back-end offerings for operators and front-end ones for customers. There are a lot of APIs, applications, and resources that can be integrated into the cloud environment that consumers, as well as broadband service providers, can leverage for all sorts of functionalities. Cloud computing can process tens of trillions of tons of data within a second and render a broadband network completely secure and high-performing. Bandwidth transmission of data, transporting signals at different frequencies can become a swift endeavor with the community cloud.
Different broadband networks can work together to remediate their common issues or achieve their similar goals by working within the same community cloud. Most of the Broadband networks utilize Broadband Network Management System (BNMS) to handle the independent components of their network within a framework that is bigger. Two major problems associated with BNMS are:
  • They are usually located offsite and are difficult to physically reach by the IT personnel making monitoring difficult.
  • BNMS triggers for broadband networks are bandwidth throttling that is similar in magnitude to the one that consumer Internet Service Providers (ISPs) face impacting the overall performance of the network as well as diminishing the productivity of employees.
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Community cloud broadband solutions allow for BNMS to be placed in the cloud and present all the functionalities and controls associated with it in a location that is centralized. This allows your network engineers and IT employees to easily perform constant monitoring and efficient controlling of the systems. It addresses the second problem by automating the diagnosis performance of the whole bandwidth management network to identify any throttling of the traffic before it delivers much harm.
Community cloud also equips the business with applications and tools that automate its network security. It also offers a number of resources that gather tons of behavioral analytics for the company that they can process, again within the community cloud through cloud computing, to use it for devising informed plans and strategies. The costs of the business go down, and the tasks that previously took hours to get performed start getting carried out in minutes and autonomously.

Benefits of Community Cloud Managed Broadband Solutions

Community cloud broadband solutions include helping IT professionals with customized and default reporting through a number of cloud resources that can be utilized for forecasting scalability, growth and for tracking the performance and lifespans of various devices within the broadband infrastructure. Furthermore, it allows them to monitor all the activities and operations in real-time and alerts them in case of a weakness identification. This allows the related or responsible teams to take preventative measures to ensure the continued provision of services and constant uptime.

Bandwidth Management

The automation features of a community cloud help in shaping the traffic of the network so that it can reap the benefits of device availability and patterns of usage. It is expected that by the year 2023, connections that are machine-to-machine will make up more than half of all the devices that are connected online across the globe. This calls for broadband networks to adapt and embrace automation which is one of the very few approaches that can enable them to develop broadband solutions and handle their systems at the volume as well as the speed that these machines and devices demand.
The features that community cloud broadband solutions offer for the management of the networks also aid broadband companies in preventing service overages that are usage-based and in keeping their costs minimal by allowing efficient control of traffic through optimization of granular bandwidth. The cloud can be programmed to function according to custom rules that allow for the traffic to be prioritized as per the needs of the organization, usage, devices, and even individual services.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Microservice is the breaking up of traditionally tightly coupled application components into small specialized services that communicate through HTTPS REST and HTTPS API interfaces.
Since Microservices are small specialized services, they can be quickly and efficiently rearranged to accommodate future capabilities unknown at the present time.
Microservices are independent and modular which allows for significant flexibility in communications patterns and often prevent cascading failure.
DevOps is the combination of development and operations into a single function of software development and infrastructure management. The main priority of DevOps is the reduction of barriers to speed of delivery.
DevSecOps empowers everyone in the development process using a security focused tool set to address timely security decisions at speed and scale of each development stage. The main priority of DevSecOps is risk reduction through DevOps security accountability and governance.
Security automation in DevSecOps increases speed of code releases while reducing the risk using static application security testing (SAST), dynamic application security testing (DAST), and code dependency checking.
High business value is realized from quick and efficient response to market opportunities and challenges, optimization for innovation, and reduction of technical debt all lead to superior competitive advantage.
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Asset Tracking

The remoteness of devices that are deployed at far-off places and away from where IT personnel routinely operate is a big challenge for keeping track of assets. Community cloud broadband solutions offer remote and real-time monitoring opportunities for IT and networking teams. They can constantly track all the assets of the organization from their offices and get up-to-the-minute information about everything that goes on.
Similarly, the scalability capabilities of community cloud allow broadband businesses to burgeon up or shrink their networks in relation to the usage, budgets, or size of their organizations. Because the IT staff will have data and analytics at their fingertips, they will know and understand the usage, capacity, and other attributes of the network. This enables them to enhance the capabilities of the company swiftly if they are sure that their network can operate on a large scale.

Security of Broadband Networks

All broadband organizations, regardless of if they leverage cloud computing or not, offer their network security the highest of preferences in today’s digitally advanced world. This is due to the complex strategies and ever-evolving ways cybercriminals and hackers employ to attack the networks. Each and every end-point device that is a part of the broadband infrastructure is potentially an entry point for these opportunists. One of the biggest sources of such mishaps is the use of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses that can be easily spoofed or hijacked by cybercriminals.
Community cloud broadband solutions allow the IT teams of broadband companies to secure their networks and make them fortified through network segmentation. It allows the classification of the traffic coming onto a network on the basis of various security policies that are created adhering to the identity of each of the network’s devices. Not only that, but the cloud allows companies to program and secure their systems with role-based access controls that are an efficient way of keeping out attackers, enforcing real-time security, and blocking end-point devices that move towards non-compliance.

The problems, issues, obstacles, and challenges that broadband networks face are common for all broadband service providers. Sharing common problems makes seeking solutions to these issues a common business objective for all broadband companies. Therefore, a community cloud is a highly useful and cost-efficient option that broadband businesses should consider. It is high time that you leveraged the community cloud environment to develop broadband solutions that feed the demands of your customers. Contact Cloud Computing Technologies to receive a quote or to investigate the opportunity for growing your business more.

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