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Create a Culture of Experimentation With AWS

Many businesses struggle to remain relevant in today’s competitive markets, regardless of their size or industry. No wonder nearly 20 to 50 businesses drop out from the Fortune 500 list each year since its inception in the 50s.

One major factor that results in such drops is technology, more recently, cloud technology. These days, cloud technology empowers much smaller businesses to disrupt the status quo and long standings industry giants.

It is the key enabler for companies with smaller capital to compete against larger companies with unending budgets. Startups like Uber, Pinterest, Airbnb, and Spotify are prime examples of small companies that have disrupted industries and grown exponentially through the power of the cloud.

Most notably, they all started as experiments, uncertain whether they would work or even last as long as they have. They took a risk and worked up to become innovators who changed the game in many different ways. All of this was made possible because they had an experimental vision enabled by the cloud.

Create a Culture of Experimentation With AWS

Experimentation is key to modern business innovation, and cloud technologies like Amazon Web Services (AWS) are the strongest enablers of it. Most importantly, experimentation with AWS is not just for startups, as they can help all businesses, large and small, try new things.

AWS allows them to remain relevant and competitive in markets through innovations derived from experimentation. Companies that create a culture of experimentation with AWS can create opportunities that ultimately result in profitable ventures.

It allows you to disrupt the status quo, remain relevant to customers, stay ahead of your competitors, and gain new ground in the market. It is one of the best practices your company can implement for future growth.

Here are just a few ways AWS makes experimentation easier and how you can use it to create a culture of experimentation in your company.

No Need for Excess Capital

AWS does not require excessive capital to start experimentation. Experimentation in the past required justification for the ROI on a capital investment for the resources needed for a potential product. In most cases, capacity planning was inefficient, and companies often overspent and overbuilt on changes and infrastructure.

This meant that executives who wanted to experiment spent more time justifying the investment than they did on building prototypes. It was a huge deterrent for anyone who wanted to experiment and attempt to bring their ideas to life.

However, with cloud technologies like AWS, you pay-as-you-go and only spend money on the cloud resources that you use. This means that employees and executives no longer need to spend countless hours justifying the cost and ROI of experimentation.

They no longer need to jump through hoops to make their vision come to life. They can experiment with new ideas more freely without breaking the company bank.

Most importantly, many starters have access to simpler options for experimentation because certain AWS services offer free tiers. Basic experimentation costs nothing with these tiers, and you can try AWS for free, further enabling a  culture of experimentation.

Low Cost of Failure

Before cloud services like AWS, experimentation came with a high price of failure. All your investment in resources, infrastructure, and changes would go down the drain if the experiment failed. Even the most seemingly great ideas often fail because they end up being unattainable or unfit for the market.

Despite learning lessons from failure, it left companies with a large bill, some unusable assets, and assets that were substituted or wasted in areas they weren’t intended for. AWS changes all of that because if an experiment fails, you can easily repurpose, cut back, or stop paying for cloud resources altogether.

You aren’t left with liabilities and assets that have no use in your company. Failure provides valuable lessons without a high monetary cost. This low cost of failure means that companies aren’t as afraid to take risks with experimentation, thus promoting a culture of experimentation.

Optimized Automation

Cloud services like AWS are optimized for automation. If your company wants to develop DevOps competency, automation is a key tool for you. AWS allows you to automate tasks that can be repeated in software, freeing up more time to experiment and develop products that increase sales and revenue.

Your focus shifts from mundane tasks to more important things and gives you more opportunities to try new things. AWS allows you to take care of the heavy lifting across your entire business through automation. This makes it easier for you to repurpose existing resources for things that drive revenue for your company or promote a culture of experimentation.

Conclusion to create a Culture of Experimentation with AWS

The cloud makes things easier for experimentation and eliminates much of the associated risks, enabling you to create a culture of experimentation. When you create a culture of experimentation with AWS, you empower your company to explore the unknown in a practical manner and come up with game-changing opportunities and innovations.

It is the best way to remain relevant and succeed in today’s competitive markets. The mentioned things are only a few key ways that AWS makes experimentation easier, and there are plenty more we can discuss another time.

For now, we highly recommend you to look into Amazon Web Services for your business and get started with cloud services that help create a culture of experimentation in your company. Ultimately, your investment will teach valuable lessons and reap returns over time.

If nothing else, they will allow you to shift your focus from mundane tasks to more important, revenue-generating tasks and opportunities for your company.

If you want to learn more about creating a culture of experimentation with AWS, cloud services, or comprehensive cloud solutions for your business, get in touch with Cloud Computing Technologies today!

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