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Data Science Platform Services

Data Science Platform Services

Drive Innovation In Your Organization By Shifting Data Science to the Cloud

Walmart generates around 2.5 petabytes of data every hour—it translates to 1 million gigabytes or more than 13 years of HD video. Although not all companies store and process such vast amounts of data, modern businesses still store a significant amount of data.
Traditionally, data was only stored and processed, but lately, companies have realized that they could also ‘analyze’ data and make sense of it. In this way, they can understand how their customers think and improve products/services accordingly. Similarly, they can also increase operational efficiency by enhancing their business processes through data-driven decision-making. It’s no surprise that industries around the world are relying on data science for different purposes.
If you build and run data science applications in your organization, it can be quite troublesome to run it through on-premises architecture. Here is what you have to face:
  • Your processing capacity is limited to your existing systems.
  • There’s a greater risk due to a single point of failure.
  • It’s likely that you have to work with a limited amount of data.
Even if you decide to purchase servers, there are other concerns as well:
  • There’s a need for additional space to store the server.
  • The server infrastructure is costly.
  • You need to plan for backups in multiple locations.
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Why You Need CCT’s Data Science?

CCT’s cloud data scientists can ensure that your data science needs are addressed through a highly powerful cloud infrastructure. We understand the need for modern computing demands and can ensure that your data scientists can pay full attention to building effective machine learning algorithms, performing rigorous testing, and utilizing all the available data without waiting too much. Our cloud can enable them to get faster results.
Our cloud solutions are especially beneficial for small businesses as they get affordable access to the most powerful tools—ones that are used by the biggest companies in the world.
Recently, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure have been improving their cloud offerings by introducing functionality to run machine learning algorithms. Reach out to us so we can allow you to tap into their vast data science ecosystem and provide you with suitable tools to perform data science-related computations.
For instance, if you manage a small e-commerce website, we will configure a real-time recommender system so you can display personalized product offerings to your product based on their previous history. Every click and taps is taken as a signal and intention, updating the real-time operation in the cloud.

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Benefits of Data Science in the Cloud

Deliver Quick Results

Rather than being bogged down due to delivery time and speed-related problems from your on-premises IT infrastructure, CCT’s high-powered cloud can rapidly deliver your reports and queries.

Resolve the Latency Concerns

If you have an in-house data science team, it’s important to consider latency over weak a public network, getting an efficient warehouse, and updating yourself with modern tools to manage real-time business intelligence (BI) activities. Employing the cloud for data science can allow your company to scale up and decrease latency to less than a millisecond.

Match and Clean Data Effectively

Real-time data processing in the cloud ensures that your data remains organized and up-to-date, allowing your analytics and operations team to work under the same roof. In this way, you can eliminate delays and mismatches, facilitating you to make the right predictions.

Gain Broader Accessibility

CCT’s cloud allows you to share data and create effective visualization. Perform cross-organizational analysis, transform raw data into something more perceivable and accessible via a wider user base.

Improve Collaboration Across Departments

CCT’s cloud services offer readily-available application servers, uploads, analytics, data models, and advanced tools. There’s no need to invest time in creating a new infrastructure.
Your marketing reps can segment and forecast your campaign plans and leads. In contrast, generated reports are sent directly to your sales reps so they can use insights from marketing and make critical decisions. Such enhanced collaboration can increase data science’s ROI, and it is only made possible due to a robust cloud.

Adapt As Per Requirements

Cloud-powered applications are made with self-learning models and possess a consumer-friendly UI, a stark contrast to the one in on-premises setups. CCT’s cloud can learn and adapt as per your business needs so you can adjust and expand according to the increase and decrease in your data storage.

Benefit From an Affordable Solution

There are no concerns related to upgrades in the cloud. Enabling new applications and tools need minimal IT maintenance. In this way, your organization keeps a continuous flow without interferences, such as to upgrade the on-premises system.

Become More Secure

Data science in the cloud is more reliable and limits the risk of an online breach. Detecting a vulnerability or a breach can be addressed within minutes, thanks to CCT’s dependable cloud security. On the other hand, an in-house team takes several weeks and months to identify a breach and respond appropriately.

Leverage Tools for Data Science

CCT’s cloud infrastructure can allow your data scientists to use platforms, like AWS, Microsoft Azure as well as give access to a wide range of programming languages, frameworks, and tools.
Common data science tools include MapReduce tools, such as Hadoop for storage and Hive and Pig for data retrieval. CCT’s cloud engineers will make sure that you can use these tools and code your programs in languages like Python and Java. Additionally, you can also leverage Oracle RDB, Tableau, and MS SQL.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Microservice is the breaking up of traditionally tightly coupled application components into small specialized services that communicate through HTTPS REST and HTTPS API interfaces.
Since Microservices are small specialized services, they can be quickly and efficiently rearranged to accommodate future capabilities unknown at the present time.
Microservices are independent and modular which allows for significant flexibility in communications patterns and often prevent cascading failure.
DevOps is the combination of development and operations into a single function of software development and infrastructure management. The main priority of DevOps is the reduction of barriers to speed of delivery.
DevSecOps empowers everyone in the development process using a security focused tool set to address timely security decisions at speed and scale of each development stage. The main priority of DevSecOps is risk reduction through DevOps security accountability and governance.
Security automation in DevSecOps increases speed of code releases while reducing the risk using static application security testing (SAST), dynamic application security testing (DAST), and code dependency checking.
High business value is realized from quick and efficient response to market opportunities and challenges, optimization for innovation, and reduction of technical debt all lead to superior competitive advantage.
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