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Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) provided by Cloud Computing Technologies delivers enterprise class remote hosted virtual desktop giving clients the ability to login from any device securely. Desktop as a Service is a different approach from virtualization which requires extensive server infrastructure, computing, and storage capability. A few of the significant advantages to Desktop as a Service include the elimination of periodic pc upgrades, software-roll outs, licensing, and desktop support costs. By outsourcing your desktops, you gain the ability to deploy thousands of new desktops within minutes. Further information available at Desktop as a Service.

Cloud Computing Technologies Desktop as a Service pricing tiers includes applications, licensing, security, and user backup services. DaaS is viewed as a cost-effective alternative for desktops in the enterprise when users require high-performance and high-availability. In addition, Cloud Computing Technologies and partners handle all the back-end systems management, software upgrades, and security.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Multi-Device Viewing – Desktop experience on mobile devices including Android and iOS.
Hosted Virtual Desktop – Encrypted and protected
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – Integrated with ADS
Desktop Support – Custom images for special systems
Desktop as a Service – Fully under the control of the client
Pre-Installed Software Packages – Applications included in bundles

When choosing Cloud Computing Technologies as your Desktop as a Service provider, you can rely on the quality of our services, efficiency, and cost-effective solutions. Try out a demo virtual desktop and you will soon realize the simplicity, easy management, and security.

Contact Cloud Computing Technologies today for a no-obligation virtual desktop proposal! We specialize in virtual desktop solutions and desktop as a services.

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