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CCT’s DevSecOps Center of Excellence

Aligning Development, Security, and Operations Teams to Pave the Way for Secure Software Practices

Challenges Faced While Implementing Modern Software Practices

Leaders, who want to transition their IT teams from conventional, waterfall-style development to DevOps, face certain challenges during the implementation phase. The risk of culture shock affecting their employees looms over their heads.
The waterfall model is history now as software development lifecycles (SDLCs) are modernized and have adopted modern Agile project methodologies, such as Scrum, Kanban, and Lean. As a result, companies have begun to create software applications and are releasing them faster than ever.
In this approach, companies break down their larger lifecycles into mini phases, known as iterations, where all the processes remain the same. Although this approach has produced excellent results in terms of software delivery, it posed security risks and exposed various vulnerabilities.

Kubernetes Devsecops Pipeline DevOps training was used as a default solution to address these concerns – which became worryingly prevalent in the past few years. DevOps aims to improve collaboration between operations and development teams, where cooperation is used to build and enhance processes. As a result, products became more reliable thanks to the input from operations teams that were skilled in spotting and addressing potential or recurring issues.

However, there were still security problems that affected software, resulting in reputational and financial damage. Ultimately, DevSecOps was employed to add security to the equation.

DevSecOps is a culture that prioritizes the incorporation of secure practices in the operations and development processes throughout the SDLC, right from the beginning.

Earlier, there was a misconception that secure code inhibited fast software delivery, causing friction between the development and security teams. But DevSecOps has defied expectations. It encourages integrating security directly into the code, as opposed to half-heartedly applying it at the end.

However, DevSecOps can only work when different teams collaborate and work together. This has led to the need for a DevSecOps Center of Excellence.

What Is a Center of Excellence?

A DevSecOps Center of Excellence brings several experienced professionals from different niches on the same page. All of them unite to resolve an issue or meet a goal.

CCT can help your organization in building a DevSecOps Center of Excellence where our three teams – security, operations, and development – coordinate with each other to make sure that your software applications are built and deployed on time. More importantly, no concessions are made in security.

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Benefits of DevSecOps Center of Excellence

Aligning the Higher Management

Traditionally, there has been a disconnect between the top hierarchy and the IT teams. It’s tough to establish a culture of collaboration and resilience when the higher management and team leads aren’t on board. CCT will provide clarity for functional responsibilities and reporting structures and take the c-suite in confidence. This way, all three teams can collaborate and add value without running into any conflict with the higher-ups.

Taking Advantage of a Multidisciplinary Team

With DevSecOps Center of Excellence, CCT introduces a multidisciplinary team in your organization that is skilled and certified in a wide range of domains. These professionals aren’t only masters of their respective crafts, but they also know the importance of teamwork and respect each other’s roles. Such a transfer of hard and soft skills in your workflows maximizes your software quality.

Planning Governance

A proper governance plan can make a significant difference when it comes to DevSecOps Center of Excellence. CCT assigns relevant responsibilities to each professional, making the entire goal more achievable and realistic.

Transforming for Innovation and Sustainability securing future competitive advantage

How Does CCT Establish a Center of Excellence?

We at CCT establish a Center of Excellence by getting approval from the higher management. Getting all three teams to work in a productive environment for extended periods is an ongoing process. Depending on your organization’s existing work culture, we create a tailored approach to DevSecOps. Generally, here’s what we do.

Promote the Culture

DevSecOps is an ongoing collaboration process. For its smooth integration, we enable members belonging to all the teams to work in tandem in order to enhance delivery for all iterations. We make it a point that cultural transformations initiate from the top management.

Train Teams with Ongoing Learning

It’s necessary to choose individuals who are equipped with significant experience working with DevOps while assembling a team. CCT can help provide you these professionals. Also, we know that it’s important to offer regular training, so we train teams so they can adapt as per the latest innovations and policies.

Place Emphasis on Security

Elevating security to a specific standard is extremely important for the maintenance of a DevSecOps Center of Excellence. For this purpose, we add quality assurance and security checks throughout the development process. It entails strategizing and performing vital tests so secure code can be written, making it impossible for cybercriminals to find loopholes in your code.

Use Automation to Increase Efficiency

We implement automation to eliminate routine and repetitive tasks that are needed to implement DevSecOps. It relieves a great deal of load of the team by automating routine tasks related to deployment, security checks, and testing.

Reduce Unnecessary Iterations

We optimize iterations and make them short in a bid to improve productivity. Each company has its own set processes, so we employ daily, weekly, or fortnightly iterations as per their business needs. More importantly, security testing is incorporated in all iterations. We focus on identifying and resolving security issues before they snowball into major vulnerabilities and can go on to cause a cyberattack.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Microservice is the breaking up of traditionally tightly coupled application components into small specialized services that communicate through HTTPS REST and HTTPS API interfaces.
Since Microservices are small specialized services, they can be quickly and efficiently rearranged to accommodate future capabilities unknown at the present time.
Microservices are independent and modular which allows for significant flexibility in communications patterns and often prevent cascading failure.
DevOps is the combination of development and operations into a single function of software development and infrastructure management. The main priority of DevOps is the reduction of barriers to speed of delivery.
DevSecOps empowers everyone in the development process using a security focused tool set to address timely security decisions at speed and scale of each development stage. The main priority of DevSecOps is risk reduction through DevOps security accountability and governance.
Security automation in DevSecOps increases speed of code releases while reducing the risk using static application security testing (SAST), dynamic application security testing (DAST), and code dependency checking.
High business value is realized from quick and efficient response to market opportunities and challenges, optimization for innovation, and reduction of technical debt all lead to superior competitive advantage.
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