DevSecOpsDeploy new software at the speed of operations – finally

In a best case scenario, the software that you and your employees depend on daily should be able to move just as quickly as your business does. When situations change or new requirements come into play, your technology should be positioned in a way that allows you to react and adapt just as fast. The major problem with legacy software acquisition and development practices, however, is that they don’t just make it difficult to deploy new software at the speed of operations – they essentially make it impossible.

With DevSecOps services from Cloud Computing Technologies, however, you can finally enjoy the rapid, secure approach to software development you need to thrive in the next decade and beyond.

What is DevSecOps on AWS?

At its core, DevSecOps is both a software engineering culture and best practice rolled into one straightforward concept. It seeks to unify software development (Dev), security (Sec) and operations (Ops) into a single, consolidated process that is finally aligned with your unique business.

It’s also a perfect opportunity to automate, monitor and apply security throughout ALL phases of the software lifecycle. This begins right away in the planning phase but carries on into development, building, testing, release, delivery, deployment and beyond. In that way, it’s very similar to CI/CD in that it puts you in a better position to frequently deliver apps to your end users by introducing automation wherever and whenever you can.

The Benefits of DevSecOps and Compliance Dashboards

Indeed, DevSecOps security is one of the major advantages of this idea – and it’s a large part of the reason why it’s become so popular in recent memory. In the context of DevSecOps, security and functional capabilities are tested and built at the same time – meaning that they both have equal priority and neither is allowed to become an afterthought.

Adopting DevSecOps also brings with it a number of other benefits, too, like:

  • Getting your software into production faster than ever. DevSecOps is a great way to reduce the average amount of time it takes between the moment you require new features and when they’re finally up and running.
  • Increased deployment frequency. By design, DevSecOps is also a perfect opportunity to get a new release into the production environment faster than ever.
  • DevSecOps is also a highly automated process, especially in terms of things like risk characterization, monitoring and mitigation across the application lifecycle.
  • Software updates and patching are finally available at the speed of operations – meaning that your entire infrastructure is faster and more scalable than ever.

All told, the team at CCT leverages infrastructure-as-code (IaC) tools so that updates can be applied to your entire organization’s infrastructure quickly and consistently, all without having to worry about things like human error. All of this is in service of what is ultimately the most important goal of all: putting you in a position so that you have access to everything you need to create better experiences for your own customers at all times.

If you’d like to find out more information about the importance of DevSecOps and the implications it has for your organization moving forward, or if you just have any additional questions you’d like to discuss with someone in a bit more detail about our software development services, please don’t delay – contact Cloud Computing Technologies today.

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