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Do Companies Perform Better When They Are on AWS?

Do businesses really benefit from Amazon Web Services (AWS)? It is a question that the companies that do not currently leverage the AWS cloud platform often wonder about. They are also the companies that are missing out on several advantages that they have the option of achieving to enhance their productivity as well as profitability. AWS has been a major component of Inc for several years now, reaching a net sales worth of $14.8 billion. It has been continuously and rapidly growing since its establishment and is a front-runner to its competitors by a margin that is modest by no means (with a market share of 32.4% compared to Azure’s 20% and Google Cloud’s 9% as of Q1 of 2021). The reason Amazon Web Services is so successful and lucrative is simple – it offers great value to companies and businesses operating in various sectors through the use of cloud technologies.

Before we move on to discuss how AWS benefits different companies and businesses with regards to their performance, let us take a look at some of its highly attractive features.

Features of Amazon Web Services

AWS is a cloud platform that offers businesses different services and products that are supplemented by cloud technology. These products and services pertaining to security, mobile development, email, remote computing, networking, automation, storage, servers, and much more. There are three major components of Amazon Web Services, namely, S3, Glacier, and EC2. S3 is the storage system of Amazon, while Glacier is its service related to cloud storage that is extremely low-cost. EC2 is Amazon’s service regarding the virtual machine.

Amazon Web Services has its servers located in 81 different availability zones. If businesses wish to choose so, they can set geographical limits on AWS with respect to these serviced regions. Another major function of these zones is to diversify the data-holding locations in order to provide enhanced security.

The Impact of AWS on Businesses’ Performance

Amazon Web Services benefits companies and businesses through the following ways:

Cost Savings

The first and foremost utility and offering that AWS provides companies with are to take them away from physical computing and onto the cloud. This allows businesses to save huge expenses that they would otherwise have to face for procuring as well as maintaining their own in-house servers, networks, equipment, and tools. A major advantage that resources that leverage cloud technologies offer is the pay-as-you-go model. This means that you only pay for what you utilize and benefit from and nothing else. This kind of scalability and flexibility is not available with any computing resource other than a cloud platform.

Companies and businesses of all the sectors and industries that have anything to do with technology can store their sensitive data and information as well as that of their customers on the cloud without having to incur any upfront costs. AWS rids businesses of the need to estimate their usage as it offers autonomous scalability.


Since it is the usage of a company that defines the cost associated with AWS, businesses that do not have much capital on their hands and start-ups can gain a lot. Until the introduction of AWS, it was impossible for businesses seeking to start from scratch to be able to leverage all the technology tools and resources they needed. The businesses that are already established benefit from the AWS offering of cloud migration at low costs. This way, all their existing infrastructure easily and smoothly movers over to a secure and agile cloud platform.

Not only that, but Amazon Web Services continue to complement the growth and expansion of a business with the provision of the right tools and resources. AWS aligns ideally with the changing flexibility of a business model. This does away with a company’s need to ever reassess or reexamine the usage of their computing power. We can say that Amazon Web Services offers businesses to take a ‘set and forget approach when it comes to their computing needs.

Reliability and Security

Most of the businesses are neither fully equipped nor have the adequate expertise to fully secure their storage or website. AWS ensures continual and extremely strict monitoring and security of its dozens of data centers that are spread all over the globe. This diversification allows for data to not get permanently lost, even if disaster strikes one or two of the regions simultaneously. Companies on their own do not practically have the resources that would allow them to not save their data in a location that is easily identifiable and offers access to a huge amount of people.

The data centers that Amazon Web Services owns are equipped with strict security standards, and access is granted only on an essential basis. AWS has gained considerable experience pertaining to cloud technologies and services, making it proficient in quickly identifying and remediating any threats of cyber-attacks or outages. Additionally, the services have huge resources at their disposal that they are always ready to put in line to ensure the complete security of the data that their data centers hold.

Conclusion to Do Companies Perform Better When They Are on AWS?

For almost all the businesses and companies out there, Amazon Web Services can prove to be a cash cow in the form of saved costs and increased profits. The way Amazon has disrupted the retail space in the US, AWS has shaken up the world with its efficient cloud offerings. From a Fortune 500 company down to a modest start-up, all businesses can benefit from the scalability and affordability that the cloud platform offers. To make the most of these services, contact Cloud Computing Technologies, an AWS-certified cloud provider, today. From application rationalization solutions to application DevSecOps and from swift cloud migration to deep learning, the technology giant offers expert and specialized services that are sure to take your business to unprecedented heights.

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