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Generate Business Value with Cloud Computing

The best approach to Generate Business Value with Cloud Computing is an important question given that Cloud Computing is a very innovative platform. If we consider cloud computing as an applications delivery platform, then generally, organizational value increases as the business applications gain closer alignment to organizational strategy and business processes. With cloud computing, business value can be generated at many different levels and directions simultaneously. Further information available at Generate Business Value with Cloud Computing. For the purposes of this discussion, to generate business value with cloud computing is considered to originate from functionality, utility, performance, agility, service delivery, and reliability.

Business value is generated from the cloud service provider to the cloud applications developers and cloud application consumers from utility, performance, and agility of their cloud platform. Further, the cloud applications developers gain business value from OPEX, the removal of needing to invest in their own infrastructure for applications delivery. The cloud service provider is providing a cost-effective substitution to the expenses of owning an applications platform. Further, to generate business value with cloud computing, the cloud service provider creates value for both developers and consumers by spreading the costs of their cloud infrastructure across many customers creating costing efficiencies.

Generate Business Value with Cloud Computing

Cloud Functionality – Create cloud instances to meet the exact need
Cloud Utility – Use compute, storage, and networking services on the fly
Cloud Performance – Scales or contracts to meet the exact demand at point-in-time
Cloud Agility – Nimble cloud resources for quick response to opportunities
Cloud Reliability – Solid, dependable, and trustworthy architecture

When recommending a Generate Business Value with Cloud Computing solution, we advise our clients to review the capabilities and cost of Amazon AWS. At Cloud Computing Technologies we work as your cloud broker to help our clients maximize the “Generate Business Value with Cloud Computing” approach. While there are many cloud computing choices, by partnering with cloud computing technologies, you will maximize the innovative potentials of cloud computing and business process alignment.

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