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dr alan castillo

Hi, I'm Dr. Alan,

​I'm a Veteran and my firm has been a ​Federal contractor for over ​a decade. My credentials ​highlight a Doctorate Degree in Information Systems Technology with published research in Cloud ​Services. We help ​Healthcare Providers improve efficiency and effectiveness with healthcare cloud, big data, electronic health records, health applications, and ​networked medicine.  ​I look forward to assisting you!

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​CCT expertise at Healthcare Cloud ​​with over 15+ years delivering Health innovations to Hospitals, Clinics, and Doctors

affordable cloud

​CCT ​all-encompassing managed cloud provider delivers convenient and affordable Cloud​ customized to your requirements and budget

hybrid cloud

​CCT brings proven approach in in Hybrid Cloud infrastructure design, Cloud management, and Healthcare applications

hipaa security

​CCT ​comprehensive compliance services ​HIPAA, HITECH, ​and NIST ​with security assessments, software validation documentation, and periodic audits

agile development

​CCT ​develops collaborative and long lasting partnerships with its customers for mutual success

business associate agreement

​CCT has an ​HIPAA business associate agreement (BAA) ​available ​for Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Medical Health Data Tracking Devices (IoT)

​Real-time patient ​track devices ​improve response to patient​ events, improves the access of quality health care to ​rural patients, and reduces the ​overhead of care. Integrate telemetry and wearable devices with ​cloud solutions. Digital Imagery ​examination ​to accelerate clinical ​diagnosis. ​Large medical data set inspection and reporting ​Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) and patient monitoring. ​We deliver the technology capability to empower ​healthcare providers to efficiently and effectively address the health needs of their patients through innovative cloud-based services.

medical health data

Health Analytics and Life Sciences (Healthcare Infomatics)

​​Innovative cloud based services for medical knowledge feedback loop to gain new insights and achieve safer, higher quality, and ​economical health ​processes.

    ​Medical data warehouse in the cloud for cost-effective storage
    ​Health data collection and analysis for decision systems
    ​Health applications API to API integration
    ​Advanced cloud infrastructure for informatics and medical breakthroughs

​Your key partner for scalable, modern, cloud informatics infrastructure to support current and future data demands.

health analytics

Doctor Applications and Mobile Health (mHealth)

​Portable medical application interfacing with cloud computing technology are transforming healthcare service delivery.

    ​Automated remote device configurations with Bluetooth and WiFi
    ​Push and pull data retrieval technologies
    ​Patient health ​observation portals
    ​Health management ​for patient diagnosis

​Leverage the power of cloud ​capability on back-end of mobile application for computation and data storage.

mobile health

Electronic Health Records Support (EHR)

​Health ​Medical Records ​Services ​with day-to-day support of critical healthcare database ​so that Doctors, Physician Assistants, and Nurses can provide continuously patient ​services without disruption or delays.

    ​Integrated ​EHR with ​medical treatment equipment
    ​EMR / EHR support, repair, recovery, and availability
    ​Compliance and pre-inspection preparation
    ​Post-installation Genesis ​technical services

​We are pleased to provide EHR Subject Matter Expert (SME) in health software for year-over-year continuity at Healthcare treatment facility.

electronic health records support

Health Cloud Managed Services (MSP)

​Optimize your patient ​management ​with ​cloud technology and Health IT systems expertise.

    ​Streamline your Health IT ​with ​​state-of-the-art health cloud
    ​Trusted advisor for growing demand of Health Software as a Service
    ​ITIL compliant technicians work with HIPAA cloud security certifications
    ​Eliminate the day-to-day maintenance and support burdens

​Enhance ​TCO while improving operational performance, security, disaster recovery, and reduce unnecessary ​IT capital investments.

health cloud managed services
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​“​With the assistance of ​CCT, we have reduced our IT total cost of ownership by 30%.”
​Ms. Lewis, ​Office Administrator

​Winter Park, FL


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Health Cloud common ​inquiry and answers FAQs.

​Why are cloud ​systems important to health practitioners?

​How do we get started with ​CCT?

​​What is the price of a Healthcare Cloud Assessment?

​​Is Healthcare Cloud more secure than on-premises IT systems?

​​Where are medical data​ and applications actually stored?



cloud computing technologies

​Cloud Computing Technologies (CCT) an ​AWS Standard Consulting Partner ​​​designs and implements public, private, and hybrid high-availability fault-tolerant cloud ​to meet your financial, performance, and collaboration ​plans. Our suite of services ​encompass cloud compliance and governance, cloud assessments and roadmaps, cloud architecture and security, cloud migration and orchestration, and ongoing​ ​optimization. Key company offerings ​contain Defense Health Information Technology Services, Healthcare ​Cloud Desktops, Cyber Security and Risk Management (NIST, FISMA, FedRAMP, HIPAA, RMF), and Cloud Solutions Architecture and Migrations. ​Our services are available on GSA 8(a) STARS II GS-06F-0787Z, Seaport-e N00178-09-D-5681 and CVE Verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). For more information please visit HealthCare Cloud Services ​Privacy Policy

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