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How to Choose the Right Cloud Computing Consultant

Cloud computing is now the new paradigm for business workflow, thanks to its numerous advantages that it confers to users. Since implementing a cloud strategy is paramount for remaining competitive, business owners should know how to choose the right cloud computing consultant.

Here are the qualities that you must look for to find the right cloud computing consultant in Mesa Arizona.

Technical Expertise

The cloud computing model is full of technical complexities. Many businesses have discovered this the hard way after trying to implement this methodology in-house. Savvy business owners know that it is best to leave such vast complexities to the experts so that you can focus on your core operational activities.

There are so many cloud computing options to choose from, that settling upon the optimal choice can be a daunting task. Hence, you should collaborate with a consultant that has experience, relevant qualifications and a satisfied customer base that indicates their technical prowess.

Communication Skills and Customer Centric Approach

The cloud computing expert should have sound communication skills and must be willing to listen and follow all customer requirements. A customer-centric approach is necessary since this will help the professional to customize the cloud computing solution that is optimal for client needs. Cloud computing needs can vary from one industry to another. For instance, manufacturing may have different requirements some of which may not be necessary for the retail sector.

Hence, the right cloud computing expert is one that takes time and makes the effort to understand your business model to decide which options will be ideal for you. They also have an aptitude for explaining the best options in simple terms so that non-experts can understand the ramifications of various choices.


Compliance is essential since failure in this regard could mean heavy fines and loss of face. Your cloud computing consultant should have a pragmatic strategy for complying with strenuous legal requirements to keep your business on the safe mind.

No matter what cloud service you choose, you should ask about compliance with data security laws. Compliance will provide you with numerous benefits besides just saving you from fines. You will be able to keep confidential information safe and protect the interests of your customers. You will certainly gain great peace of mind from robust compliance since it will enable you fulfill legal requirements and keep your data safe.

Good Track Record

Your cloud computing consultant should be able to show you a portfolio of diverse customers from various sectors that can vouch for the quality of service. Having several long-term clients is one of the best indicators that you have found the right consultant.

Having the right cloud computing consultant on your side is imperative since they are the partners in your IT success. Collaborating with such consultants is not a short-term commitment. Rather it is one that should extend throughout the life of your business. Keeping all this in mind, you should check for the consultant’s reputation and standing in the field.

Service Offering

The right cloud computing consultant will be completely transparent about all services and their associated costs. They will inform you about all charges including those that are not so obvious.

A cloud computing consultant should be able to objectively show how you can save more on their plan in comparison to another generic plan. They should also be able to explain in simple terms the benefits that you can leverage from their plan and service offering.

Your cloud computing partner should have a top class customer service and a hassle-free procedure for addressing complaints. The speed at which they respond is essential for keeping downtime and any possible disruptions to a minimum.

You should also ask your cloud computing partner about how they accommodate service changes and the charges incurred in the process.


IT security is now the biggest concern for all businesses and industries. IT security breaches are now the number one threat to business. Every year there are disturbing reports about how market leaders have suffered serious setbacks from IT security breaches. Hence, your cloud computing consultant should have a comprehensive strategy for ensuring this key facet.

Secure System Access

For maximum security, you can request your consultant to keep your login credentials fully confidential and not share them with any personnel from third parties. Keeping your login details as confidential as possible will mitigate chances of system break-ins. A good consultant will be willing to comply and outline how they keep such confidential information safe.

Data Backup

Despite the best intentions, there is always a possibility that something could go wrong. Hence, backup is central to any data security policy. Your consultant should be able to delineate their backup policy, how they automate the process, its frequency, storage and other vital details.

Before helping your system migrate to the cloud, your consultant should first backup all of your data and keep in a secure storage medium. As the migration project progresses, your consultant should keep backing up data at the right frequency. You should discuss the data backup frequency and process so that you can understand how safe your data will be during the migration workflow.


The sandbox is now a critical tool for IT security. It is now used extensively for system upgrades and improvements to ensure that the rest of your system remains safe while an upgrade is in progress. Consultants are now using cutting-edge sandbox technology to prevent unexpected problems from damaging your system.


Scrutinize the service-level agreement fully and make sure that you understand everything. A good consultant will be more than pleased to elucidate anything that you ask.

Final Thoughts for Choosing the Right Cloud Computing Consultant

As the top service providers in the field, we are proud of our extensive client base and deep experience. We have the proficiency and technical expertise to handle cloud computing technicalities for any kind of business. Out customer-centric approach ensures that you will have the right cloud computing solution to provide maximum value for your business.

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