Innovation Requires Risk-Taking
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Innovation Requires Risk-Taking

Risk-taking is the only way things get better in any organization and professional field. When we say you should take risks, we do not even mean that you put everything on the line over a single idea and then watch it crash in front of your eyes; indeed, that is everyone’s greatest fear. Risk-taking also involves calculated risks, where you can see the reward for success and the price of failure. If your mind looks at the worst-case scenario and goes, “yeah, we can handle this!” That is your cue to go through with it. If things work out, you could have something revolutionary or even slightly more convenient in your hands.

In any case, to have a worthwhile situation in your hands where you get to do something meaningful, you need to start taking risks. It is absolutely scary, sometimes even downright terrifying, if you have never really been a risk-taker before but let us assure you that the situation is worth it.

To be able to follow through with your instincts and start acting on your creative side, here are some steps you can follow:

Start With Small Risks

So you don’t really have to go all Oprah Winfrey from the start and begin questioning your surroundings and situations right off the bat. Not everyone is that gutsy, and that is perfectly alright; some legends are built and not born.

If you think you have been too quiet and unmotivated in your workplace, but your mind is full of ideas or even has a single idea that you think can change things for the better, try to voice it out. Or better yet, try to implement it.

Get yourself used to taking risks. Mark Cuban from Shark Tank talks about how he has taken a lot of risks in his time, but he has always hated the idea of taking risks and being insecure. According to his vision, you need to see your vision through with thorough preparation. Even if your vision is in regards to something small and inconsequential, do your due diligence and see how far you get through. Once it becomes something more pliable and realistic in your mind, you will be able to see it through with much more ease. The key is to believe in your vision, which brings us to our next point:

Believe In Your Vision

No matter what it is you wish to accomplish in your life, you need to believe in the vision you have. Evan Williams, who started his journey from Blogger and made it all the way to the CEO of Twitter, has something to say about taking risks. He lost his girlfriend, most of his other friends, and most of the money he had trying to make Blogger take off. And this is after he was tried to be brought down many times. He risked it all, and the reward he reaped was great.

The one thing that Williams had going for him was his faith in what he offered the world. Blogger was one of the most successful platforms at the time, and it was free as well! It helped Williams see the website’s potential and then see his vision through.

So when we ask you to take risks, we do not mean risk everything you have over a singular idea or belief; we are genuinely asking you to follow through with your vision, do it justice by working hard to make it a reality, and then see where that takes you.

There Are Always Other Opportunities

So not every risk you take leads to groundbreaking innovation; some risks simply do not pay off no matter how hard you try to make it a reality. Does this mean that all the hard work you did lead to nothing? Did you just lose a lot of time and money in the process, and nothing significant came out of it?

We ask you to think of this as sowing seeds. Once you work hard to achieve something, even if it did not go exactly as you expected, other opportunities can always arise. When one venture fails, you can use the resources to start another one, you will see slight differences in the next one, and slowly you will realize you are becoming more and more acquainted with the right way to go about things. One day, your vision as an innovator may become a reality, as it has for so many other people in the world!

You Need To Try It Out

If you have a risky idea in mind, and you do your research about seeing it through, and you are still confused regarding how smart of a decision it ultimately is, you need to see it through. There is absolutely no other way to get a brilliant idea out of your head other than just seeing it through. If you decide to play it safe and not go through with it, at best, it will remain in your head like a buzzing bee for as long as you find another opportunity, or, at worst, you will see someone else do something similar and get their name minted as heroes. Both scenarios will sting quite a bit!

So if you have an idea, make it real. Try it out; you never know what will happen. There are countless stories of founders and innovators that can inspire you, and you will notice that all of them were risk-takers at one point.

Conclusion to Innovation Requires Risk-Taking

Since founders of prestigious organizations and most people at the top these days have all been risk-takers at some point (and many still are) organizations are now coming up with innovative ideas to spark creativity and cultivate ideas in people. People have all the necessary tools at their disposal, and sometimes people in a workplace just get together and discuss ideas and innovation. If you press hard enough, one day, they will pick up on your vision, and you will be able to see your brain-child make it through. Contact us to develop solutions for Innovation Requires Risk-Taking.

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