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Innovative Capabilities of Cloud Computing

Innovative Capabilities of Cloud Computing originate from a ready-made global compute and storage infrastructure platform with a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to distributed applications and services. The cloud computing platform is ready-made in the fact that cloud service providers (CSP) have invested billions of dollars into their cloud infrastructure to be rented by small business. Further information available at Innovative Capabilities of Cloud Computing. This is very convenient for small business as they may only need cloud services for a short period of time or who don’t know to exactly what scale they need cloud services. Also, the ability to immediately provision cloud services is a significant advantage if timing is a factor.

The true value of global computing for small business is not in owning infrastructure, but in the consumption of valuable digital services desired by the small business customers. In most cases, small businesses don’t own a global computing infrastructure to deliver their digital services. The economic benefits of renting cloud computing platform are evident. Further, to generate innovative capabilities of cloud computing, small businesses with a deep understanding of their market innovations customize their global digital services to their customer’s unique needs. Innovation is about doing something in a way that creates greater value than in the past. This do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to using cloud computing platforms empowers small businesses to develop market innovations charting new solutions to business customer challenges, processes, services, and solutions.

Cloud Computing Technologies delivers value to our clients by the leverage the innovative capabilities of cloud computing through fusion of business process redesign and technology innovation. We believe that technology by itself without a business process catalyst, does not fully achieve full innovative capability.

Innovative Capabilities of Cloud Computing

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