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Is Outsourced Computer Support Services Better

One major decision that businesses of all stripes must make is whether they should opt for in-house or outsourced computer support services. To avail the best computer support service in Scottsdale, Arizona, you have to weigh the pros and cons of outsourcing vs in-house service.

Here is what you need to consider.

Can You Afford In-House IT Support?

In-house computer support services might work for some of the biggest corporations, but for smaller and medium-sized businesses, the cost of in-house support may be too high. Even bigger organizations may realize cost-saving benefits by outsourcing computer support.

Think about the costs involved. You will have to hire a full-time staff of IT experts. Since IT requires a high level of technical expertise, the professionals that you hire should be qualified and experienced. IT professionals are some of the most well-paid employees. That means high upfront costs to you. But you will not be paying only for their salary. As an employer, you will have to provide the full gamut of benefits, such as insurance, paid leaves, salary increments and more. You will also have to pay taxes. There is also the risk that they might suffer an injury or mishap for which you may be liable to pay heavy compensation.

All of this is bad news is you are a startup, small enterprise or a medium-sized business. With an in-house team there will be a greater strain on your already limited financial resources. A shortage of funds might make it difficult for you to expand and increase your operations. Besides paying salaries and associated perks, you may also end up with a personal injury lawsuit on your hands for any incident at your place of business. As an employer, you may be liable for heavy damages.

Outsourced computer support is a cost-effective method that is ideal for small businesses and new startups alike. Even the bigger entities may like to benefit from the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of this service model. You will not have to pay high salaries and benefits. There is a much lower risk of personal injury liability since you are not an employer of outsourced computer support personnel.

There will be less strain on your economic resources making it easier for you to expand operations and grow.


Specialized computer support organizations often have 24/7 availability. Hence, they are always available whenever you have an emergency on your hands. In-house team personnel, on the other hand, work for just 8 hours a day and are unavailable during paid leaves.

If you outsource IT services, you also gain the benefit of guaranteed service availability. For example, reputable services provide 99.99% guaranteed availability for their cloud resources. Hence, you can enjoy peace of mind and save costs with minimal disruptions.


It is up to your HR department to hire the very best IT professionals. But if you hire experienced and highly qualified IT professionals, their salaries will increase according to their qualifications and experience. This will be an extra cost burden in addition to their already high starting salaries. There is also the risk of hiring persons whose skills are not up to par. Additionally, due to the rising demand for IT professionals, there could be a shortage of IT professionals leaving you with no choice but to put inexperienced persons in charge of your mission-critical IT assets.

Specialized computer support firms are known for their expert and professional staff. Since IT is the core field of these entities, they know how to hire the right persons for the job. As a result, specialized computer support organizations can purvey an unmatched level of service quality to businesses of all kinds.

Hence, for the very best in cost-effective IT expertise, you should seek to outsource this key function.


IT security has become the number one business risk by a huge margin. The risk may likely become worse in the future. Hence, you need to take maximum care to ensure that the company and customer data is in safe hands.

With an in-house staff, you will need full-time security experts in addition to brilliant troubleshooters. Once again, such professionals can be very expensive. You will need the most qualified and experienced professionals for these critical positions. Your costs will rise accordingly when you factor in their salaries and benefits.

There is also the problem of a supply shortage. IT security requires a high level of experience, knowledge and qualifications. There may not be enough professionals available on the market who meet such stringent criteria. What’s more, there is the risk of hiring the wrong person for the job which might put a very critical function in jeopardy.

A reputable IT support firm will give you great peace of mind. With a top-class computer support service, you know that your data is in safe hands. Specialist firms are known for their highly proficient security experts. Outsourcing IT security to a reliable firm means that you are getting more for less. Not only will you benefit from security expertise par excellence, you will also realize cost-savings in the long term.

Final Thoughts for Outsourced Computer Support Services

Having said all this, it should also be pointed out that outsourcing has one key drawback. You may lose control over key functions of your organization. Having less control over critical functions can be a source of worry for organizations of all kinds.

That is why you should collaborate with the very best computer support company in Mesa Arizona. We are well known for trustworthiness, reliability and service quality. With us, you are not just dealing with another service provider. For we aspire to go the extra mile to serve and delight our clients. We consider ourselves to be your partners in success. Hence, you can rely on us for top class computer support services.

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