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Do you feel like it’s time to take your career to the next level? Do you want to leverage your technical and managerial expertise collectively in a role that gives you the chance to do both to the fullest? Do you want to take the helm and have the final say as the most senior in-house software engineering professional?

If you’ve had prior experience overseeing the SDLC, and you think it’s time you took things a step further, then this might be just the opening you’ve been waiting for. As a role that melds analytical prowess and expert decision-making, Principal Software Engineers monitor a company’s progress at the highest level and implement strategic decisions to drive progress from the top. But before we get into the role, here’s a little bit about who we are.

About the Company

Cloud Computing Technologies has been designing, deploying, maintaining, and improving cloud-based solutions for clients around the globe for the past two decades. We’ve worked on multiple scales, from SMEs to government contracts, and we’ve implemented a variety of solutions for a variety of purposes. We have constantly looked to revamp and reevaluate our toolset at every step of the way, with a proactive approach to the future being a core tenet of our corporate identity.

Our team has always been our greatest asset, and we are proud to have an abundance of talented professionals powering us forward. With offices in Arizona, Massachusetts, California, Colorado, Washington D.C., our people are spread out across five states but work with great cohesion and purpose to maintain a collaborative effort. Coming into work is optional, so there’s always the option to work from home, yet you’ll never find the office empty.

That has a lot to do with the culture and the environment we like to maintain around the office. Think less grey walls, strict rules, and a dress code, and more along the lines of a creative workspace designed to make working as easy as it could be. We’re not about cubicles or 9-to-5 grinds; we’re about ownership and initiative. The ability to work independently is a must, as is an ability to communicate effectively.

Once you get used to it, the end result is a person who knows exactly what they need to do when they walk into work. And if they’re ever at a loss, someone else steps in to lend a hand. You work independently, but never in isolation. Every day brings its own challenges and its own rewards, and by opening yourself up to a variety of tasks, you get to develop your skillsets in a way that’s unique to your environment.

About the Opportunity

We’re on the lookout for an AWS Certified Principal Software Engineer. The ideal candidate for this position would be someone who has worked at the topmost level as a software engineer in a company and has delivered large-scale engineering projects in an agile environment. Aside from experience with the large-scale Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), a candidate must also have acquired professional, or specialty level certification through AWS and have prior experience working with the technologies that make up Amazon’s ecosystem to develop and deploy software and updates and manage redundancies to ensure maximum availability.

As the Principal Software Engineer, you will maintain oversight over our operations’ entire software engineering arm, and you’ll have the final say when it comes to technical and design decisions. You’ll report directly to senior management regarding progress on long-term organizational and productivity goals and instruct senior software engineering staff and team leads on how to better meet these goals. You will also manage and integrate new hires in software engineering and expand the department.

As the senior-most software engineer in the house, you’ll also be in charge of disseminating strategic goals to senior architects, engineers, and developers, who in turn will pass them along to their junior associates. You’ll ensure that we’re running at peak efficiency and that organizational integrity is maintained throughout.

While your day-to-day engagements might not involve much code, you’ll still have to roll up your sleeves, open up a console when things hit a snag, and there needs to be a change in direction. You’ll interface with other departments within the organization and clients’ organizations to ensure that software development is able to function as well as possible and that delivered solutions meet any requirements. On the other hand, you’ll also maintain oversight to ensure that broad or long-term goals are not compromised by present effort.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Monitor and track the performance of the Software Engineering department as a whole.
  • Ensuring consistent progress towards the organization’s long-term growth and productivity goals
  • Disseminating strategic and organizational goals to the rest of the software engineering department
  • Technical and strategic decision-making.
  • Large-scale debugging and problem-solving.
  • Maintain high-level oversight over software deliverables and deadlines from top to bottom.
  • Report to stakeholders and senior management on company progress.


  • Advanced degree in computer science, or a related field
  • Strong coding skills, including extensive experience with C/C#, Python, or Ruby.
  • Experience overseeing the deployment of large-scale projects
  • Experience across operating systems and platforms
  • Experience building high-performance, highly available, and scalable systems in an agile environment
  • 2+ years of experience in a principal role or equivalent, or 8+ years of experience in software engineering
  • AWS Certified at the Professional (Solutions Architect) or Specialty (Advanced Networking, Security, Analytics, Databases, or Machine Learning) level

Beyond these basic requirements, it’d be extremely beneficial for you to have any of the following:

  • Extensive experience with different stages of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), including code reviews, source control management, testing, and DevOps
  • Experience working with AWS platforms and services under production workload
  • Well-developed managerial skills
  • Strong Analytical skills, with a focus on compliance and code structure involving large-scale projects.
  • Experience interfacing with upper-level and executive-level professionals and reporting on broad goals.
  • Strong and sound technical judgment
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong program and product management skills.


Benefits for this position include:

  • A Generous Salary Package
  • Auto-allowance
  • Health Insurance, vision, and dental
  • Share purchase options
  • Access to company-sponsored advisory and professional development opportunities
  • Five weeks of paid leave

The position itself will give you hands-on experience structuring and meeting high-level goals and improving the overall efficiency of your function. Not only does that entail software engineering experience of the highest caliber and level, but also learning about other functions as you oversee the deployment of projects that encompass entire companies. If you’d like to learn more about this opportunity and other opportunities at our company, please visit our careers page.

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Cloud Computing Technologies is an equal opportunity employer fully committed to creating a diverse environment. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.