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Nine Essential Things to Look for In a Managed Service Provider in Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Phoenix

As a small business, you will need a managed service provider (MSP) to speed up operations. However, choosing the one that’s right for you comes with a lot of requirements. Here are 9 to get you started.

1. Technical Expertise from a Managed Service Provider in Mesa

Any managed service provider in Mesa worth their salt should be well versed in tech. Make sure you meet with the team they’ll assign you to get an idea of what you’re in for. Hiring college grads or inexperienced interns won’t do you any favors.

2. Advanced Tech

Make sure whatever MSP you choose has the most advanced tech, compliance, and security. You’re paying top dollar to get premium products after all. You’re doing this so you can forego the investment for upgrades, maintenance, and manpower. Better invest in one that gets you all that.

3. Scalability

Your unique service needs should be recognized in lieu of “standard solutions”. You should have your choice of data plans, business apps, and telephony options. If the MSP can’t serve your specific purposes, it’s not worth the investment.

4. Suite of Business Applications from a Managed Service Provider in Phoenix

Managed service provider in Phoenix should guarantee you not just great service, but a suite of apps. These apps should include anything and everything you need to communicate, run software, share files, arrange meetings, etc. These services are just as essential to running your business as processing power and storage are. You should specifically settle on an MSP that provides the exact applications you need. For example, if you deal in creating software, they should have a suite with a testing environment.

5. Proactive Management

Any infrastructure management, upgrades, maintenance, etc. should be invisible to you. A managed service provider that guarantees that is golden. The better that your MSP automates service for you, the greater its worth.

This proactive stance goes beyond just maintenance and seamless workflow though. Problems will occur, no matter how good your infrastructure is. Your MSP should have an automated response ready without fail so that problems are solved without delay. As they say, time is money.

6. Round the Clock Tech Support from a Managed Service Provider in Scottsdale

Your managed service provider in Scottsdale should guarantee you round the clock support. Hacks and cyber-attacks won’t come with a warning. They can occur at any time and at any place. The same goes for emergency issues. Hardware or software may fail on you when you need it the most. Tech support should provide a free set of hands that are disposable to you at all times.

Prompt onsite servicing is a bonus that should be provided as well. There will be things that your team can’t diagnose and you’ll need someone on deck to fix it. These things never turn out well if you try to fix them from hundreds of miles away.

7. Great Financial Health

The financial health of any vendor, especially one which sells you IT services should be robust. You don’t want to have to go through the ordeal of selecting one again. Make sure the one you’re investing in doesn’t have solvency issues or any huge outstanding debts.

8. Dedicated Account Team

High level MSPs don’t play around with their customers and ensure they have dedicated supports. A dedicated account team should include sales engineers, systems designers, project managers, and field technicians. These individuals should be specifically familiar with your IT environment so you don’t experience hiccups.

9. Service Level Agreements from a Managed Service Provider in Tempe

When you’re looking for a managed service provider in Tempe, you should require SLAs. The SLAs should be measurable quantitatively and easy enough to understand. Examples of SLAs with teeth would be those with triggers and penalties built into the contract. This would ensure you get customer credits if the SLAs are missed. The inclusion of these credits would ensure that this MSP is confident of its stellar services and doesn’t miss SLAs

If your chosen MSP fits these 9 requirements, you shouldn’t have many problems after you sign up with them.

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