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Cloud Computing Technologies an AWS Standard Consulting Partner

It is not surprising that Amazon leads the game when it comes to cloud computing. Amazon gives you the integration, architecture, and managed services of AWS cloud computing that you need to get ahead. Further information is available at Cloud Computing Technologies Amazon Web Services Standard Consulting Partner. With the Power of AWS, it’s not surprising that Cloud Computing Technologies (CCT) works with them and sees their value.

They have much to offer, and the power of a huge firm behind them. Amazon technology options vary, and it’s possible to get just the AWS Amazon options you need to make sure your business is ready. With new Amazon Web Services, you can leverage the value of the cloud and be backed by a organization you trust.

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VMware Virtualization of Desktops and Servers

Using vCloud and Cloud Computing Technologies will help your customers see what you have to offer, and let you showcase what matters to your company. Having a platform to work from that is unified and software-defined is what VMWare is all about, and the value your company will get from that will be significant. The more you can conduct your business efficiently, the more value you can give to the customers and clients you work with and provide for.

That will get you noticed, so you don’t have to work as hard to get people interested in your business. The more you can do with less effort, the more energy you will have to focus on other aspects of your business that might need more work.

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Fortinet Fortigate Enterprise Unified Threat Management Firewall

Firewalls matter. They protect data and keep your company safe. Ignoring them or using one that isn’t rated for what you’re trying to do can mean that the data you have stored – including sensitive data for your customers – is at risk. With Fortigate, you get the value of a Fortinet appliance and the assistance of excellent Fortinet support, so you can feel comfortable with the data protection your company offers. Further information is available at Fortinet Fortigate Next Generation Firewall.

Silver Fortipartner Cloud Computing Technologies (CCT) can help your business become a very happy Fortinet client. You will have peace of mind, and so will your customers, because they know their data is protected.

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Servicenow Partner


Cloud Based Modern Enterprise ITSM – ServiceNow

ServiceNow is the premier enterprise cloud platform for IT service management (ITSM) to design, deploy, manage, and optimize IT services within the organization. ServiceNow Federal is classified as a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) which encompasses comprehensive modules specific to enterprise services, help desk, human resources, software development, project management, legal, finance, marketing, vendor management, and field operations fully integrated for resource and cost tracking.

Organizations have experienced significant positive value from enterprise-grade unified platform from enhanced visibility into productivity, workflow coordination, and ability to rapidly build custom integrated components for changing business requirements.

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What Makes 10Zig Zero Client Different from a PC?

10Zig Zero Client devices have many advantages over a PC. They do not require lots of space, and their energy usage is very low. They offer many long term cost benefits over PCs through reduced maintenance and upgrade costs.

PC maintenance requires much effort for security as there is always a new virus or a type of cyber-attack targeting them. There should also be a dedicated IT team just for these tasks. This also increases the overhead of businesses. Unlike PCs, 10Zig Zero Client devices have no operating system, and they are not vulnerable to cyberattacks. With 10Zig devices, your data is more than secure on the cloud.

Some variants in the 10Zig product line also offer CPU and Memory-less options. This reduces noise pollution and heat generated from your electronic devices.

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Redhat Open-Source Software for the Enterprise

RHEL is popular because many companies use the Linux system instead of Windows for their computing needs. Combining Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) with CCT can mak a great option even better. It will give you a foundation that is stable but flexible, and Redhat Linux can adapt to the changing needs of your firm, so it can grow with you. The Redhat support you’ll receive on that platform is second to none. RHEL can also be used with cloud computing, to ensure that you’re getting the best and largest value from the tools at your disposal.

Using Redhat is an excellent way to get your group on the cutting edge in your industry. Many organizations use it, and when combined with Cloud Computing Technologies (CCT) it’s a winning proposition no matter what kind of company you are operating.

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Nakivo Bronze Partner


Why Should I Worry About Data Loss & Corruption?

VMs and Hypervisors are being used every day in business environments for various reasons, like development to product testing. A considerable amount of sensitive data is usually associated with these tasks. Whether you are a VMWare user or a Hyper-V user, by default, they are backed up and stored in your data storage either through an agent in the file store of VM or through a snapshot.

These backups can be thought of as copies of an instantaneous state of the VM. However, even these backups are susceptible to be damaged or be corrupted. Such incidents can be fatal to business continuity and cause extended downtime, leading to not only financial loss but a tarnished reputation and legal repercussions.

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Tigera Calico Enterprise Zero Trust Security

About Tigera

Tigera is an enterprise software company providing security and compliance solutions for Kubernetes platforms. Kubernetes or K8 is an open-source container management and orchestration platform that provides the tools to automate, deploy, and scale applications and services. K8 works by clustering groups of hosts on different operating systems to manage containerized workloads for the smooth functioning of applications. As the platform is open source, it can be subjected to a number of security risks and threats, and that’s where Tigera comes in.

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