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Fortinet Fortigate Next-Generation Firewall Unified Threat Management

Fortinet Fortigate Enterprise Unified Threat Management Firewall

Modern businesses are highly dependent on data, either their own or from their customers. Keeping this data safe and making it accessible at the same time is a tedious task if you don’t have the right tools.
A few years ago, a good firewall was enough to keep your data safe within your office network. But the organization dynamic has changed rapidly during the last few years, and many organizations have decentralized their operations to multiple office locations around the world and employ a workforce that is gradually becoming remote. So how does a typical firewall fair with all of these changes?
To add to all of this, emergency situations, force majeure, and pandemics can make your workplaces unreachable. Does your organization have a business continuity plan?
To add to all of this, emergency situations, force majeure, and pandemics can make your workplaces unreachable. Does your organization have a business continuity plan?

Fortinet Enterprise Unified Threat Management Firewall

Firewalls matter. They protect data and keep your company safe. Ignoring them or using one that isn’t rated for what you’re trying to do can mean that the data you have stored – including sensitive data for your customers – is at risk.

With Fortigate, you get the value of a Fortinet appliance and the assistance of excellent Fortinet support, so you can feel comfortable with the data protection your company offers. You will have peace of mind, and so will your customers, because they know their data is protected. Further information is available at Fortinet Fortigate Next Generation Firewall.

Fortinet Fortigate is among the best in the business. When you need a serious firewall for your business, you can work with CCT and Fortinet support to make sure you get just what you need to be secure. As a Fortinet client, Fortinet Fortigate can keep you safe and ensure hackers don’t get access to any data that is sensitive. With all the data breaches that take place, you can use Fortinet Fortigate security to reassure your clients and let them know that their data is safe with your company.

Benefits of Fortinet Fortigate Firewall and CCT

  • Complete content protection to include VPN, email anti-virus scanning, and web content protection
  • Certified protection to include Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 4 Augmented (EAL 4+) and FIPS PUB 140-2
  • Unmatched performance from ASIC processors for multi-Gigabit speeds firewalls
  • Global security research and support with constantly updated detection signatures
  • Extremely high throughput and exceptionally low latency

Fortinet Fortigate Next-Generation Firewall Secure Remote Access

Organizations will need to facilitate remote for many reasons like decentralized workplaces, remote workers, and emergency situations like disasters and pandemics. This makes Business Continuity a critical part of any business’s Disaster Recovery plan.
IT services have become essential to the continuity of businesses. Even if you are able to find IT services and networking facilities during and after an emergency, there is no guarantee that data and applications of your organization will be secure. This is where you need a robust Remote Access solution that ensures security and flexibility.
All Fortinet Fortigate VPN solutions are based on IPSec and SSL, offering dependable security. It offers many types of solutions for both individuals and groups such as VPN clients, clientless experiences through FortiAP, and thick clients.
Fortinet Fortigate integrates directly with Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and other Single Sign-On (SSO) to ensure that your users don’t need to set up new accounts. It also categorizes users as Basic Teleworker, Power User, and Super Admin so that privileges can be managed for each group. These features will also reduce the effort for your system admins.

Fortinet Next-Generation Firewall has you covered even if you don’t have an SSO service. FortiAuthenticator can be set up to manage all user accounts and credentials. For added security, FortiToken provides multi-factor authentication in the forms of hard (physical token device) and soft (mobile application) tokens. These security measures ensure that only the intended users are able to login to your organization’s secure network.

Loss or corruption of data is the main risk when operating a remote workforce. Fortinet Fortigate takes care of these risks by providing Data Loss Prevention (DLP) functionality to ensure that the sensitive data of your organization is never lost of misused. FortiSandbox is another feature that allows users to try out suspicious content and applications and receive feedback regarding malware and other threats.

Benefits of Fortinet FortiGate Secure Remote Access

These are the main benefits offered to your business:
  • Secure individual remote access through FortiClient allows your remote users to be a part of your organization’s network and applications from anywhere in the world.
  • The FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall brings the best of cybersecurity Unified Threat Management to ensure reliable protection, end-to-end visibility, and centralized control of all user activity. In addition, it inspects both clear-texted and encrypted traffic with virtually no impact on performance.
  • The FortiWifi and FortiAP (Access Point) technologies provide secure wireless access both within and outside the organization’s offices. FortiAP devices can be set up at each off-site workplace to allow your teams to connect via a clientless experience.
  • FortiManager is a centralized admin panel that enables your admin teams to monitor and manage all user activity and security threats. It supports up to 10,000 Fortinet devices ensuring umbrella protection even for large enterprises.
  • FortiAnalyzer provides additional protection against threats and breaches with analytics-powered Cyber Security and Log management.
  • FortiSandbox is a secure closed environment that allows users to experiment with suspicious and unsafe content and applications. It analyzes the presence of malware and other threats so that actual user environments remain protected.
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