Firewalls matter. They protect data and keep your company safe. Ignoring them or using one that isn’t rated for what you’re trying to do can mean that the data you have stored – including sensitive data for your customers – is at risk. With Fortigate, you get the value of a Fortinet appliance and the assistance of excellent Fortinet support, so you can feel comfortable with the data protection your company offers. Further information is available at Fortinet Fortigate Next Generation Firewall. Silver Fortipartner Cloud Computing Technologies (CCT) can help your business become a very happy Fortinet client. You will have peace of mind, and so will your customers, because they know their data is protected.

Fortinet Enterprise Unified Threat Management Firewall

A Fortinet Fortigate is among the best in the business, and when you need a serious firewall for your business you can work with silver Fortipartner CCT and Fortinet support to make sure you get just what you need to be protected properly. As a Fortinet client, Fortinet Fortigate can keep you safe and ensure hackers don’t get access to any data that is sensitive. With all the data breaches that take place, you can use Fortinet Fortigate security to reassure your clients and let them know that their data is safe with your company.

Benefits of Fortinet Fortigate Firewall and CCT

Corporations and Enterprises find some of the most important benefits from Fortigate UTM Firewalls for network security and CCT to include:

  • Complete content protection to include VPN, email anti-virus scanning, and web content protection
  • Certified protection to include Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 4 Augmented (EAL 4+) and FIPS PUB 140-2
  • Unmatched performance from ASIC processors for multi-Gigabit speeds firewalls
  • Global security research and support with constant updated detection signatures
  • Extremely high throughput and exceptionally low latency

Fortinet Fortigate Next Generation Application Firewall

You can also protect the company’s information, so you don’t have to worry about trade secrets and other sensitive data being discovered or leaked. Fortinet can provide you with the highest level of quality protection, so you have less to worry about and can focus on the running of your business and bringing in more clients. No matter what industry your company is in, there are risks when data is collected. Fortinet Fortigate is among the best on the market for reducing those threat risks and protecting you from data breaches and related problems that could be disastrous for your company.

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