With Milestone XProtect and Cloud Computing Technologies (Milestone Advanced Certified Partner), you can get the XProtect corporate support you need and make sure you have the best in ip video management software. Video is becoming an increasingly important part of what companies are doing today to get noticed. Not only are they using video to talk to one another from far away locations, but they are making videos to showcase what their company can do. The right ip video management software from Milestone XProtect can make video creation so much easier, so your company can do more of what it needs to get its name and product out to the masses. Further information is available at Milestone XProtect IP Surveillance Video Software.

Milestone Advanced Certified Partner

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Enterprise IP Video Surveillance Systems Software

By using open platform ip video software and selecting from the milestone systems that are offered, your company will be ready with great video creation choices when and where you need them. Taking and editing video has never been easier and more efficient. Open platform ip video surveillance systems software can also help you edit your work and display it for customers to find. With Milestone XProtect and Cloud Computing Technologies (Milestone Advanced Certified Partner), you’ll be on the cutting edge of your industry. Customers and competitors will notice that, and you can use the milestone systems video surveillance systems option to keep your business moving forward.

Benefits of Milestone XProtect IP Video Management and Cloud Computing Technologies

Corporations and Enterprises find some of the most important benefits from Milestone XProtect IP Video Surveillance Software and Cloud Computing Technologies to include:

  • Endless systems scalability with unlimited video recording servers and IP cameras
  • Fully Digital IP Video Surveillance system compliant with the latest Cloud Computing Technology
  • Supports the new compression methods: MPEG4 ASP, MxPEG and H.264, in addition to MJEPG and MPEG4
  • Video Surveillance Systems that supports two-way audio from IP Video Cameras
  • Smart search and fast export of IP Video Evidence

Milestone XProtect IP Video Management System

While there are many options for ip video management software, you want to find the right one – and XProtect corporate options can be just what you want to make sure you have all the tools you require. Milestone XProtect means clear and accurate video collection, creation, collaboration, and more. You can also use Milestone XProtect for editing your videos, so you can make them look the way you want before customers see them. With the tools you’ll have through Milestone XProtect, you can take all the great things your company can already do and show them off to the world through the power of ip video surveillance systems.

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