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ServiceNow is the premier enterprise cloud platform for IT service management (ITSM). It facilitates designing, deploying, managing, and optimizing IT services within any organization. ServiceNow Federal is classified as a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution. It encompasses comprehensive modules specific to enterprise services, help desk, human resources, software development, project management, legal, finance, marketing, vendor management, and field operations fully integrated for resource and cost tracking.
Organizations have experienced significant positive value from the enterprise-grade unified platform from enhanced visibility into productivity, workflow coordination, and the ability to build custom integrated components for changing business requirements rapidly.

Benefits of ServiceNow for your organization

ServiceNow implementation has helped customers to get new apps to market in half the usual time, release app updates 2.5X faster, repurpose staff to higher-value tasks, improve developer satisfaction, and even benefit from citizen-developers.

ServiceNow digital transformation can provide many benefits to your organization:
  • Have better visibility of IT service issues through clear processes. ServiceNow integrates all the processes and channels of ITSM, leading to cost-savings and increasing efficiency. It saves time that is otherwise spent on managing and switching between multiple ITSM applications.
  • Save time by automating routine tasks, thereby allowing staff to focus on core tasks and complex problems. Everyday tasks like responding to new tickets, assigning them to the relevant teams, obtaining feedback from customers, and much more can be automated, allowing your employees to work on tasks that matter.
  • Facilitate ongoing improvement of processes and staff skills. The transparency and centralized visibility facilitated by ServiceNow allow management to manage the performance of employees and teams efficiently.

Cloud Based Modern Enterprise ITSM – ServiceNow

SNOW IT Service Management capabilities:
Corporations and Enterprises find some of the most important benefits from SNOW and CCT to include:
  • Incident and Problem Management ServiceNow allows organizations to recover from unplanned interruptions within the shortest possible time. It also facilitates identifying the root cause in order to resolve critical service disruptions quickly. It helps to further reduce similar issues reoccurring in the future through trend analysis and perioding service configuration reviews. These lead to benefits like user-friendly service desk interactions with lesser interruptions.
  • Change and Release Management Unplanned changes can disrupt projects to a great degree leading to higher costs and increased risks. It accelerates change management by automating standard changes through DevOps capabilities and change advisory board meetings with CAB Workbench.
  • Benchmarks ServiceNow encourages continual improvement by allowing organizations to compare their performance with that of other similar organizations. Benchmarks are formed through anonymized user data regarding service management performance and provide almost real-time data.
  • Cost Management ITSM can enable cost management and lead to considerable cost savings in many ways. These include direct cost savings due to better-managed resources and indirect savings due to benefits like repurposed staff working on important tasks.
  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB) The CMDB is a centralized source of all resource and configuration data that provides visibility to all silos and teams. It allows managing the impact of changes in a more transparent manner. The CMDB Health Dashboard enables better monitoring and enforces teams to improve the quality of their CMDB data.
  • Asset Management Knowing the financial, contractual, and inventory details of your assets is the first step in optimizing the asset management process. ServiceNow enforces this from purchase through disposal and reduces risks by making costs, configurations, access, and usage transparent to all relevant officers.
  • Service Catalog This is an innovative feature of ServiceNow where organizations will be able to catalog their products and services and provide customers with a self-service portal. Such a portal can increase sales while relieving staff from repetitive tasks like accepting sales inquiries.
  • Knowledge Management Use ServiceNow to host an organization-wide knowledge sharing portal and a 24/7 omnichannel communications portal. It will enable collaboration, sharing of knowledge, and self-help between IT teams and other employees.
  • Survey and Assessment Surveys form one of the most vital aspects of obtaining data regarding customer satisfaction and feedback. ServiceNow allows organizations to create clear and relevant surveys for both internal and public use. Publishing and analyzing results is automated and provides insights required to improve processes and IT services.

    Assessments play a similar role but provide a much more comprehensive approach with detailed process and performance insights. They also allow evaluating, scoring, and ranking of items in addition to providing normalized results.

  • Service Level Management (SLA) ServiceNow allows organizations to provide the best service performance. Start by setting business expectations and gaining visibility into your IT team’s SLA performance. ServiceNow uses event triggers to ensure SLA progress while allowing to prioritize tasks, check status, and reassign and escalate issues.

ServiceNow Support

ServiceNow provides a wide range of channels for obtaining support and assistance. ServiceNow support is offered via a detailed knowledgebase, their online ticketing system, over the phone (toll-free in most regions), and through mobile apps for both the Android and iOS platforms.
In addition, organizations can obtain services from Support Account Managers on a shared or designated basis. Support Account Managers will actively manage your ServiceNow implementation while overseeing and providing advocacy to ensure the best performance. ServiceNow support will allow you to maximize the benefits of your ITSM investment.

SNOW Solutions with CCT

As a ServiceNow partner, CCT recommends it to organizations that wish to improve and accelerate their IT services management processes. ServiceNow digital transformation promotes Application Development through a Built-in IDE environment for creating, deploying, and integrating applications, with the following benefits:
  • Unified platform – No compatibility issues between integrating legacy enterprise systems
  • Help Desk ready – Total solution for change, release, cost, and problem management
  • Service Automation – Custom workflows connected to digital automation
  • Project Management – Full life-cycle task assignment and status tracking
The ServiceNow platform provides immediate value for organizations through faster incident response, greater resource coordination, fewer technology outages, improved integration between processes and outcomes, and huge time savings at all levels of the organization. In addition, ServiceNow is FedRAMP security certified, which means it meets U.S. Federal Government risk management and security standards and is suitable even for organizations with the most stringent security requirements.
ServiceNow logo is a trademark of ServiceNow, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.
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