Private Cloud Services through Cloud Computing Technologies, provides you with secure and safe access to all of your information and applications. With the use of a single tenant infrastructure, we provide virtual machines that would house all of the information and keep it securely within proprietary virtual machines and physical servers. Further information available at Private Cloud Services.

Private Cloud management provides set of techniques that is associated with the operations and monitoring of single and even multiple cloud instances with features that include:

    • Efficient support of heterogeneous systems to keep up with current and future transactions
    • Integration of workload managers, middleware and applications
    • Self-service, billing and recovery, quota management, user and group management
    • Configurable policy for allocation of resources to determine the most effective placement of load and ensure the SLA as cost-effective
    • Supporting existing business processes with open integration with existing systems of data centers

Private cloud services offers lower cost alternative by reducing the expenditure on maintenance and upgrading through entirely web based operations instead of acquiring hardware or the installation of software directly.

Why Choose Private Cloud Computing Technologies?

Cloud computing technology is a clever solution to the problems brought about by the limitation of production because it allows you the convenience of choosing between virtual, physical, or cloud resources including large scale deployments, as well as, infrastructure to application-as-a-service.

Through our private hosted cloud computing tools, you can minimize high expenses on IT operating charges while increasing business flexibility and enhancing the company’s service levels. With a Private Cloud System you could:

  • Private Cloud Management

    increase the number of hypervisors cloud acquirement tools, and external clouds without the need of changing your applications.

  • Cloud Computing Tools

    present self-service applications to end users in minutes

  • Cloud Computing Services

    administer your cloud via a unique management screen which can interconnect to applications, virtual as well as physical domains

  • Private Cloud

    delegate of the cloud of logical sub-groups in order to encourage the adoption along with economies of scale

  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

    have a dynamic flex running applications through mechanized policy-based agreement, security and control

Cloud Computing Technologies will walk you through the whole process and ensure a smooth transition from your current system to a new and more effective cloud computing infrastructure. Call one of our expert consultants today and find out how we can increase your efficiency, and improve security while minimizing cost for your establishment.