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What is the SDVOSB program?

Veterans of the United States have put their life on the line serving and protecting our great nation. Not all of them come home unscathed. It is the notion that the obligation of every American citizen to do more to honor the heroes and appreciate their efforts to protect this country in every possible way. This is why the Veterans Benefits Act of 2003 was passed with the aims to improve the veteran benefits under the jurisdiction of the Department of Veterans Affairs.The Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business program was a result of the Veteran’s Benefits Act of 2003 as an obligation to further support veterans. Executive Order 13360 has further strengthened and increased government contract opportunities for firms owned by veterans of America. This program aspires to provide more prime and subcontracting opportunities for businesses and firms owned and controlled by service disabled veterans recognizing the sacrifices they have made for our country

A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business or SDVOSB can be recognized as a government verified enterprise or a business with minimum unconditional ownership of 51% and being controlled by one or more service disabled veterans. Moreover, the firm must be operating in accordance with the NAICS (North American Industrial Classification System). If the veteran is permanently disabled, their spouse or caregiver can be in control of the business operations.


Small businesses play a huge role in the American economy. Small businesses have created 64% of the net new jobs, makeup 98% of exporters and 33% of net export value, and employ 50% of all private-sector workers.
Businesses owned by veterans make up 9% of all firms and have an annual payroll of $210B. In numbers, this is more than 2.4 million businesses with more than 5.8 million employees. The register sales of these businesses All these numbers mean that after years of military service, veterans return to civilian life keeping the American economy strengthened and reinforced.

This means with the right opportunities for both small businesses and veteran-owned businesses; they can only flourish more and support the American economy. Even businesses on the verge of collapse can be saved with the right investment and growth opportunity. The Government and the Department of Defense are committed to make the transition smoother for veterans and maximize the number of opportunities veterans can are present with. As a result of this initiative, the Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business program was introduced by the U.S. Government to service-disabled veterans of America.

There are many benefits provided by the SDVOSB program to benefit of veteran-owned businesses. The following are a few notable among the many.

  • The SDVOSB program awards $5 billion dollars’ worth of contracts which is reserved by the Office of Federal Procurement.
  • Contracts are being produced by government agencies but more of these contracts come from the Department of Defense.
  • SDVOSBs are inherently entitled to be prioritized in these government contract proposals.
  • Contracts related to the Department of Veteran Affairs prefer SDVOSBs with more significance compared to other government agencies and departments.
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What does it mean to be partnered with an SDVOSB managed Software Factory?

Whether you are an enterprise or an individual service or product provider, you might be competing to win government contracts from various federal agencies. As much as it is difficult to acquire the contract in such a competitive environment, some agencies might only consider other than small businesses as the prime contractor. This might also likely reduce the number of contracts that you can be eligible to apply.

Cloud Computing Technologies as your Software Factory SDVOSB, can pave the way for you to win that contract award. We can represent every partnered organization of ours and we can get you that competitive advantage in the  service disabled veteran owned small business category.

As a partner of Cloud Computing Technologies, a trusted and verified SDVOSB, increase your chances significantly, and make your win with us.

Why Partner with Cloud Computing Technologies?

We at Castillo Technologies, LLC dba Cloud Computing Technologies, are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business firm verified by the Veterans Affairs’ Center for Veterans Enterprise and listed in the VA VetBiz directory.

CVE Verified firms are given preference on government contracts and with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, contracts are directly awarded to a verified SDVOSB like ourselves.

We are also among the very few businesses that are verified as an SDVOSB in the information technology industry. It means Cloud Computing Technologies has competitive edge when it comes to winning contracts and with our track record and expertise, our partners win with us.

Being verified as an SDVOSB also is the guarantee of a well-capable, high-quality, and unparalleled service delivery that fulfills customer requirements at an affordable cost.
Our proposals are processed and contracts are awarded usually within days, and we always communicate directly with the agencies to get the best value for what we offer. In government contracts, we can always relate to faster decision cycles for contract awarding, best value for the service, reduced administrative overhead, and overall a smoother process.

What are you waiting for?

Now that you know what’s in it for your business to partner with Cloud Computing Technologies before you apply for your next contract, consider partnering with Cloud Computing Technologies for CI CD. We are guaranteeing you a better chance of winning an award as our partnered company.

If you have a service but do not know if there are any opportunities, feel free to contact us. We are always eager to meet our next partner. Cloud Computing Technologies is always updated with upcoming contracts and will never let an opportunity slip by you.

If you have any more questions about the SDVOSB program or partnering with an SDVOSB, feel free to contact us. We have all the answers you seek.


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