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Gone are the days when the monolithic code architecture rules the world of software development. Instead, a cloud software strategy that is decoupled, self-healing, and cloud-enabled. In that type of environment, all of the various components in an application’s code are designed to work together as a single unit – hence the name. All of those components share the same memory space, too, making all software built with this approach essentially self-contained.

The problem with this is that not only are the components interconnected, but they’re interdependent as well. If you want to make any type of change or update to a monolithic system, it requires you to rebuild and redeploy the entire stack. If you suddenly have a pressing business need to move things over to a new platform or even leverage a new framework, you’ll essentially have to rebuild the entire application from the ground up.

These major disadvantages are one of the many reasons why we’ve made microservices are core part of our software development offerings at Cloud Computing Technologies. Here, an application is divided into a series of smaller, far more manageable and totally independent parts. Each one is inherently flexible and complete, but they still communicate with each other via a series of REST APIs to remain the cohesive whole you ultimately need.

Software Development at CCT: Our Capabilities

At CCT, we have years of combined experience with all of the best programming languages for microservices, including:

  • Java. This is a particularly popular language for microservices because its annotation syntax is incredibly straightforward, thus making the actual writing of microservices applications far easier, too.
  • Golang. Applications written in Golang are known for their ability to handle heavy loads, all while providing a simple and logical structure that is easy to understand by developers everywhere.
  • Python. Despite the fact that Python is incredibly easy to learn, it is also known for its versatility – thus making it perfect for experimentation and creativity during software development.

We’re also able to work with all of the best and most modern frameworks for microservices, including both ReactJS and Spring Boot.

Microservices Agile and AWS ECS EKS: A Match Made in Heaven

In a lot of ways, microservices are a perfect companion to another essential concept in the world of software: agile development.

When a business embraces the agile methodology, you have a number of small teams working on single, smaller tasks so that everyone is able to focus their undivided attention on the jobs that truly need them. It’s easy to see how microservices fit into this framework perfectly, as smaller teams can focus on those services as individuals instead of as a collective. Services can even be implemented using different databases or even programming languages depending on the goals you’re trying to accomplish.

All of these advantages come together to create software that is finally organized around your business’ capabilities, exactly the way it always should have been.

If you’d like to find out more information about our software development services, or if you’d just like to speak to someone about your own needs in a bit more detail about application rationalization, please don’t delay – contact Cloud Computing Technologies today.

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