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Scale Profits With AWS

Scale Profits With AWS

Scalability – it’s the ‘S’ word of today’s entrepreneurs and future business leaders. To understand the concept of scalability, you need not look beyond billionaire Mark Cuban who is an astute NBA owner, serial entrepreneur, and star of the TV series Shark Tank, who said: “Scalability is king.” That’s an easy statement to agree with, but what is it exactly… Continue readingScale Profits With AWS

Single Account Limitations in AWS

Single Account Limitations in AWS

Today we’ll be taking a look at the different single account limitations imposed on any AWS implementation and the factors that influence these limitations (as well as those that may alleviate them). Resilience and Network Connectivity | Two halves that need to combine for optimal service provision Resiliency is a somewhat elusive term, especially for IT laymen. When we think… Continue readingSingle Account Limitations in AWS

AWS GovCloud Best for Embedded Systems

AWS GovCloud the Best for Embedded Systems

The AWS GovCloud platform provides advantages beyond what ordinary cloud computing provides.  Thus, embedded systems can benefit from AWS GovCloud due to inherent advantages like robust security, superior performance, 24/7 availability, and more.  The use of GovCloud for embedded systems brings substantially greater simplicity, high performance, better functionality, reduced development time, and seamless performance. With the AWS GovCloud, embedded systems… Continue readingAWS GovCloud the Best for Embedded Systems

Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch Alternative to SolarWinds

In today’s dynamic and fast-paced world, an increasing number of businesses rely on the extra resource capacity and opportunity providing by cloud computing. Cloud monitoring is a crucial process in cloud computing affecting every business that relies on cloud infrastructure. Cloud monitoring can overlook the security, performance, cost-effectivity, and scalability of cloud infrastructure and resources in your organization. Cloud monitoring… Continue readingAmazon CloudWatch Alternative to SolarWinds

AWS GovCloud Reduces Attack Surface and Enhances Security

AWS GovCloud Reduces Attack Surface and Enhances Security

You should know how GovCloud boosts security since it is one of the most robust platforms for protecting mission-critical applications and operations. AWS GovCloud is a very secure and highly specialized Amazon region specifically for US government bodies, agencies, and companies. AWS GovCloud also supplies Secret and Top Secret regions utilized by the intelligence community and other agencies that maintain… Continue readingAWS GovCloud Reduces Attack Surface and Enhances Security

Govcloud Services

GovCloud Services

Cloud Computing Technologies, a GovCloud Services Contractor (GovCloud) delivers cloud computing based services and solutions to Federal agencies. We offer turn-key cloud services and solutions including all software, services and bandwidth at one low monthly charge through our AWS partner. Federal agencies benefit from these cloud based services as they are advantageous in cost, scalability, and performance. Further information available… Continue readingGovCloud Services

Cloud Software Integration

Amazon Cloud Computing

Amazon Cloud Computing (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) provides enterprise class virtual computing machines with elastic computing, storage, and memory capabilities in an on-demand capacity. Thus, the common problem of on-premise server of over-sizing or under-sizing hardware is removed. A small and medium enterprise can launch any number of Amazon cloud EC2 instances and pay for only the services consumed.… Continue readingAmazon Cloud Computing