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Cloud Computing Technologies provides Cloud Architecture Services in the arrangement and configuration of key cloud components for best outcome.

Benefits of Cloud Architecture to Small Businesses

Six Benefits of Cloud Architecture to Small Businesses

Here are six benefits of cloud architecture to small business in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, and Mesa that will be great for your small business. 1. Freedom of Choice As a business, cloud architecture gives you choices between different types of services and service packages. You can choose SaaS (Software as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), and PaaS (Platform… Continue readingSix Benefits of Cloud Architecture to Small Businesses

Refactor to Cloud Native for Maximum ROI

Refactor to Cloud Native for Maximum ROI

Organizations choosing to move their applications to the cloud often find themselves responding to a common challenge – deciding an approach that aligns with their migration objectives. They have to find questions to answers, such as: Addressing these questions and picking the appropriate cloud migration route ensures that they reap a host of advantages in the long run. Let’s discuss… Continue readingRefactor to Cloud Native for Maximum ROI

Potent Innovation Formula AWS and Kubernetes

Potent Innovation Formula AWS and Kubernetes

When running a Kubernetes cluster, one of the major challenges is to figure out which data center or cloud will you deploy it to. Next, you have consider your options while selecting the suitable network, logging interactions, storage, and user. In order to tackle this issue, Google Cloud developed the Google Kubernetes Engine. Although it works fine, it’s worth nothing… Continue readingPotent Innovation Formula AWS and Kubernetes

Key Advantages of Cloud Agility

Key Advantages of Cloud Agility

According to a study by Harvard Business Review, the biggest advantage of using the cloud is business agility. The study identified that business ability was the best driver for companies who adopted the cloud – around 32% of the respondents claimed that it was business agility that encouraged them to opt for cloud-based solutions. Others cited reasons such as increased… Continue readingKey Advantages of Cloud Agility

Best Strategy for Cloud Migration

Best Strategy for Cloud Migration

Before adopting cloud migration, it’s necessary to determine the approach that can help you to meet your goals. The actual legwork involved in cloud migration lies in planning, which you are required to do before moving your data to its new home. In other words, figuring out a the best strategy for cloud migration beforehand plays a pivotal role in… Continue readingBest Strategy for Cloud Migration

Govcloud Services

GovCloud Services

Cloud Computing Technologies, a GovCloud Services Contractor (GovCloud) delivers cloud computing based services and solutions to Federal agencies. We offer turn-key cloud services and solutions including all software, services and bandwidth at one low monthly charge through our AWS partner. Federal agencies benefit from these cloud based services as they are advantageous in cost, scalability, and performance. Further information available… Continue readingGovCloud Services

Cloud Systems Administrator

Cloud Computing Systems Integration

Cloud Computing Technologies, a Cloud Computing Systems Integration firm provides programmatic cloud-to-cloud integration services for business logic, intra-enterprise, and inter-enterprise cloud-to-cloud middleware solutions for cloud ecosystem build-outs. We use a proven software development approach combined with a variety of software integration tools to maintain secure integration for messaging communications. Thus allowing disparate cloud applications to co-operate and communicate in a… Continue readingCloud Computing Systems Integration

Cloud Innovations

How does Cloud create innovation?

How does Cloud create innovation? To the surprise of many small and medium business owners, they have been using cloud computing technologies for decades and did not know it. For example, online payroll processes websites and online banking websites are prime examples of cloud computing technologies. Further information available at How does Cloud create innovation. Innovation occurs when a product,… Continue readingHow does Cloud create innovation?

Cloud Services Configuration

Cloud Services Configuration and Support

Cloud services configuration and support by Cloud Computing Technologies delivers excellent business and technical leadership consulting to gain the maximum business value from your cloud server installations. In the first phase of our cloud services configuration and support we conduct a discovery of your requirements along with a full in-depth assessment of your existing cloud systems, cloud applications, and cloud… Continue readingCloud Services Configuration and Support

Strategic Intention Cloud Computing

Strategic Intention to use Cloud Computing

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEAugust 20, 2014 Contact: Dr. Alan F. CastilloCloud Computing Technologies602-443-6800 x105Https://CloudComputingTechnologies.com Study of Leadership and Strategic Intention to use Cloud Computing by Dr. Alan F. Castillo CHANDLER, AZ – August 20, 2014 – Dr. Alan F. Castillo, President and Cloud Solutions Architect of Cloud Computing Technologies, has recently completed a doctoral study that is now available to purchase… Continue readingStrategic Intention to use Cloud Computing