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Ultimate Platform for Cloud Innovation

Innovative capabilities of cloud computing emerge from access to ready-made computing and storage infrastructure platforms that run on DIY models to provide a wide range of applications and services to organizations around the world. Cloud service providers invest billions into setting up their cloud infrastructures, which are then rented out to other businesses.

In this guide, we’ll take you through some of the trends for the ultimate platform for cloud innovation.

Perfect for Small Firms

Gone are the days when only large firms could set up and create sophisticated IT services to individuals and firms. It wasn’t rational for startups to invest in expensive data centers when things are uncertain and you’re not sure if the business idea will work out. Plus, they had no way of knowing exactly what scale they’d need the services in the upcoming years.

Cloud computing has not only resolved all these issues but also made it remarkably easy for small firms to provision cloud services immediately or those who only need it for a short period of time. It’s important to understand that when it comes to global computing for small businesses, the true value lies not in owning IT infrastructure but in the consumption of digital services.

Now that the most valuable digital services are available on rent in the form of cloud-based solutions, small businesses no longer need to own infrastructure to deliver their services. This means that innovation is no longer restricted to large tech giants like Google and Microsoft. Startups and small businesses can also come up with innovative products through cloud computing.

Delivering Better Value

If you think about it, the crux of innovation is to do something that offers more value to people and businesses than in the past. There are numerous small businesses that are well aware of the unique needs of their individual customers. However, they haven’t been able to serve their clients just because they couldn’t afford the costly IT infrastructures. Even if they managed to set up an infrastructure, their solutions were not capable of providing personalized services to customers.

With the arrival of the cloud, small businesses that deeply understand their customers’ needs and are familiar with market innovations are able to provide customized digital services to solve problems of each of their customers.

Collaboration Capabilities

A recent Forbes Insights survey of 532 executives declared 14% of them as ‘leaders’ or those supporting a full range of cloud-based collaborative technologies. Around 90% of these leaders experienced greater opportunities for innovation as a result of improved collaboration technologies. Out of those not embracing cloud, only 23% saw their collaborative efforts leading to innovation.

These firms are also way behind the leaders in terms of their ability to tie collaboration to overall competitive advantage, accelerated business results, and greater internal efficiency.

One of the major reasons for this is that executives and employees have access to the systems from a wide range of devices they use. Another factor is the shift of organizational structures from rigid command-and-control systems to ad-hoc teams.

The collaborative capabilities of the ubiquitous cloud platforms enable the teams to work more effectively. Today, you’ll find organizations without any organizational hierarchies and whose structures are based on teams only.

Responsiveness to Change

The controlled interface of cloud solutions means a greater capacity for the integrated infrastructure to be responsive to change. APIs are thus more capable of enabling innovation of services and applications on top of the platform.

Pay as You Go

In cloud computing, users or small businesses only need to pay as they consume the service or for space they utilize. No hidden or extra charges are required. Some space is even available for free. You also don’t need to worry about whether the cloud-service is right for your business because many cloud providers offer free trials so that you can test the application before purchasing it. Training is also provided by the providers.

Besides, users can even monitor server capabilities, uptime, and allotted network storage. This is one of the most valuable features of cloud computing.

Data Security

Information and data are turning out to be the most powerful resources firms own. This has alerted many hackers and scammers around the world. Data breaches and theft will only increase as we head into the future.

This trend has greatly raised security concerns for businesses all over the world. Among the best features of cloud computing is cloud security. To keep the data, secure in case of server crash or failure, it creates a snapshot of the stored data. The storage devices are too protected to be hacked or utilized by another person.

These solutions come with unprecedented traceability features to secure data from internal theft. They provide firms with the ability to track the history, location, use of the data in the cloud. All activity by any person from anywhere gets recorded in the log and can be traced for security purposes. Detecting frauds should thus be easier than ever with cloud computing.

Closing Thoughts of the Ultimate Platform for Cloud Innovation

By now, you should have developed an in-depth understanding of the ultimate platform for cloud innovation. Based on the capabilities discussed above, we’re yet to see new cloud business models and processes that will not only improve effectiveness and efficiency to maximize objectives but also help them produce new business designs built from the ground up.

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