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Which is Better for Long Term ROI Proprietary or OpenSource Software

OpenSource software has been around for more than two decades. It is an affordable solution for businesses looking for customizable software code. However, since it was free, business owners had some initial skepticism. Coding is a valuable skill, and when it is given to you for free, anyone would think there’s a catch. But even still, it gained a lot of popularity and is still one of the most popular software of all time.

However, proprietary software also offers numerous benefits to organizations. But, unlike the OpenSource software, proprietary products require a fee.

So, if you’re contemplating which is better for long-term ROI proprietary or OpenSource Software, read on to learn the pros and cons of both. You can decide by weighing the pros against the cons of both.

OpenSource Software

Let’s first look at the advantages and disadvantages of the OpenSource software:


  • Cost-Effective
    One of the most significant benefits of the OpenSource software is being cost-effective. The money that you save on the software can be utilized elsewhere. Mainly you can use the money to get high-speed network or storage arrays. Moreover, you can pay your workers a higher wage for their services with the money otherwise spent on expensive software. Of course, there are paid subscriptions to the OpenSource software, but they too aren’t as costly.
  • Flexible Options
    Another important benefit of the OpenSource software is its flexibility. You can easily customize the source code and improve it to better match your requirements. It is even possible to participate in software communities and benefit those working towards the same goal.
  • Zero Requirements
    There aren’t any lengthy licenses or activation requirements in OpenSource software. There is zero risk of penalties or legal issues involved with this software, making it a hassle-free option for business owners. On the contrary, Proprietary software may involve legal action in case of violations.
  • Freedom for Use
    Proprietary software has strict requirements for usage and charges a fee for all the features offered. However, OpenSource allows you complete freedom in using the software. It can be used for as long as you want without any issues. As long as you have an internal or external developer, you can use the OpenSource software.


Here is a list of all the cons of OpenSource software:

  • Lack of Support
    One of the biggest drawbacks of the OpenSource software is its lack of customer support. Even though forums and articles are available online, they aren’t much help to users. You can expect better support if you have a paid subscription, but getting customer support on call or chat is a hassle for free users.
  • Complex Software
    OpenSource software is not easy to use. It is also quite difficult to learn, and with the lack of customer support, implementing the software becomes even more challenging. It requires advanced-level programmers to learn code and get it up to speed.
  • Intrusive Advertisement
    It is essential to understand that even though OpenSource is free software, it still needs to earn money somehow. For this reason, they use ads. But for users, these ads are annoying and intrusive and affect the user experience considerably, which is a significant drawback.
  • More Vulnerabilities
    Since OpenSource offers customizable coding and is available to everyone, users can easily detect vulnerabilities in the code. As a result, it makes the software easy to exploit, and some individuals even capitalize on these vulnerabilities putting the software at risk.

Proprietary Software

Before choosing which is better for long-term ROI, Proprietary or OpenSource software, let’s first go through the pros and cons of the Proprietary software.


Here are all the major advantages of Proprietary software:

  • One-Stop-Shop
    A paid software can be your one-stop shop to get all the tools from a single vendor instead of shopping from different places. It is more convenient, and you can get a complete package with a single purchase.
  • Higher ROI
    Of course, proprietary software is paid; however, they also generate a higher ROI. You can earn a lot more than what you invested in the software. For instance, if you invested $5000 in the software, you can generate a revenue of $20,000. As a result, you earned a net profit of $15,000 which is way more than the amount you invested.
  • Regular Updates
    Regular updates in Proprietary software keep it safe from vulnerabilities, unlike OpenSource. Moreover, it prevents malicious individuals from exploiting the software.


Let’s look at the major cons of Proprietary software:

  • Hidden Costs
    One of the major issues with paid software is hidden costs. There might be renewal, yearly, or monthly costs that might not have been obvious when you signed up for it and come as a surprise.
  • Excessive Products
    Proprietary software comes with excessive products, even those you don’t need. It can often confuse users, and they pay for unnecessary features.
  • Difficult to Switch
    Many enterprises aren’t comfortable with switching software as not all paid software functions in a similar way. It might imply that you’ll have to start all over again, and the previous cost might be wasted.

Final Verdict to Which is Better for Long Term ROI Proprietary or OpenSource Software

Now that you know the pros and cons of both, can you decide which is better for long-term ROI, Proprietary or OpenSource software?

Generally, Proprietary software offers better usability and enhanced features and is more secure to use. But OpenSource is also an excellent option for new startups. But to generate a high ROI, you need to invest some amount. Of course, OpenSource’s paid subscription is also an option to consider. But you can also implement a hybrid model that contains both OpenSource and Proprietary to match your business’s requirements better. Contact us to gain additional insight into which is better for Long Term ROI Proprietary or OpenSource Software.

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